Tuesday, September 25, 2007



I can show you some of Caitlin's Banners!!! Doug, my oh so handsome in everyway son, silkcreened labels for Caitlin, my oh so beautiful in everyway daughter. Caitlin put them on her "HOORAY" and HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banners. So cleaver!

Blue Hooray!

Very Cool

What is wonderful about the banners is that they can be used over and over thruought the years. Tradition, which we all know how our Kids love those special things we do that they can count on, Re-use..each year, and Recycle! Yes indeedie, vintage fabrics sought out by the expert herself! Aw, ED would be so proud : )

Pretty Pink Banner

give me an H-O-O-R-...

Banner for all Occasions

Hip*HiP* Hooray!

Pink Hooray!
I think this is my current favorite..ooh so hard to decide!
Tomorrow I am going to have a great tip I learned from a teacher at the Renegade Craft Fair!!!
I have been having computer problems OR maybe it IS ME!!! Hahahha.


Sugar Bear said...

Love the banners! Between the labels and the banners and all the other goodies - you are all one very talented family!

Rosemary said...

The banners are really cute. Good job!!

Rosemary said...

The banners are really cute. Good job!!

Tamy said...

These banners are fabulous. I would like to post one on my new Ga Ga for Garlands blog which is dedicated to all things garlandy - with focus on helping artists/crafters show there wares ..I would like to use the red hooray, such a contrast in colours. Please check out the site at http://simplymein.typepad.com/gagaforgarlands, if you/your daughter are interested email me and I will add the details to the post...

Kellee said...

HOORAY! indeed! We're back from Florida and I got my HOORAY banner out and into my room! It's not hung up just yet, but oh-so-close!


I think I have some pix to take! I promised Caitlin some snaps of my 'hilarious' quilts, etc.

I will start to scope some cool vinty fabrics for you gals!


Cheryl said...

Oh I LOVE her banners! She is so talented! And let's DO exchange links...pretty please?? ;) Hugs! Cheryl :)

lulusparkles said...

I LOVE them- so inspiring and kind too,everyone loves a good"hooray" now and then.