Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Most Honored Profession


While I was helping tend Caitlin's booth at the Renegade Craft Fair, I was lucky to meet a wonderful young woman who was purchasing a "HOORAY Banner" for her classroom. Wow! What a thoughtful teacher! She is using the Banner in her Classroom! Her name is Pegs, and she teaches third grade in a Chicago area school. LUCKY KIDS! And lucky parents. Do we all not cherrish those teachers that truly are called to teaching and make connections with our kids because of there giftedness as teachers!
This is not the end of this story!!! No way. Pegs read Strategies that Work over the summer. As we were talking, she told me of one of the strategies that she has already incorporated into her classroom this new school year. She has her students keep a "Question Journal". Everyday she has them write down questions that are on THEIR OWN mind. What ever the topic. They then take the journal home on the weekend to show their parent(s) and discuss the questions. If you have ever had a conversation with a third grader you have most likely noticed their creative minds expanding! However Pegs said that as they reach 5th grade this questioning mind subsides. We discussed several reasons... but the good news is that this journal she has started them on will most likely continue for them past 3rd grade. They will continue to write down the questions in their journal and seek answers. AND how truly wnderful that a new tool for thier parents is being gifted to them by Pegs. This provides a very tangible and measurable way to stay connected to our children through the years as they go through some very challenging years.


homedaisy said...

hmmm. i still have lots of questions. guess in that way i haven't grown up! it is a great idea. i love teachers!

Sweet Remembrance said...

What a wonderful teacher...
I worked at an elementary school for 10 years and I absolutely admire the teachers that enjoyed teaching and their classes!

Sugar Bear said...

Teachers truly amaze me. I don't know how they do it!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Mary,

Thx for stopping by my blog. Thx too for asking about my Mom. She is recovering nicely from her stroke. I love the "HOORAY BANNER" idea and the question journal for the kids. So very insightful. My grandson who is in kindergarten has a million questions already. I wonder what he would write when he's in 3rd grade? LOL!

Have a wonderful day