Friday, August 17, 2007



Yes, FIANLLY, Fini! I have finished chandeliers, a couple collages and a total of 8, very pretty, if I do say so myself, necklaces! Three Necklaces are off to __________oops! Not so fast! That is a surprise! I will let you know as soon as I can! : )
These two are off to Sweet Rosanna!

 For Rosanna's

Rosanna's Necklace

And this "Over The Top Collage" Too!
For Sweet Rosanna!

Douglas, my son, took this photo and the above one of the chandeliers. He did such a beautiful job! The photos look like a page out of a French magazine!


A HUGE THANKYOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ME TO GET DONE! After a long day at etsy today with no results of loading my pictures, Caitlin took the photos to her computer and loaded them on etsy. I guess something is up with my computer and etsy right now?! Thank YOU so very, veery much Caitlin. You are the kindest and most talented daughter ever!!! You helped me even when you are so very, very busy working on your deadline!!!
I do have 3 more chandeliers if you are interested and I am making up a few more collages also. Let me Know if you would like something special!! Like the pretty number below that Melanie helped to design!
Have a nice weekend!



ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh that is frustrating to have tech problems especially after pouring your soul into your crafts which by the way are just gorgeous. I surely love that charm necklace!

Sarah and Jack said...

The chandeliers (And especially the photos!) are gorgeous.

Natasha Burns said...

OH WOW Mary your petit chandeliers are totally amazing!!!! I can see so much work in there, I once did wirework and it is not at all easy, and I bet your fingers are all scratched too??! You have done a magnificent job on them and the photography is superb too!

dede warren said...

Everything looks so beautiful Mary. I love seeing all the things you're working on.

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Your petit chandeliers are gorgeous! Very sweet, indeed! That camera stuff can be very frustrating! You've done a beautiful job!


Sugar Bear said...

I just love your petit chandeliers! Definitely my favorite. Absolutely beautiful work as always!

Sweet Remembrance said...

The chandeliers are are so glam!
Love your collage, to be so talented!

Ruth Welter said...

Mary, your son did a great job with the photos, they do indeed look like they could be in a magazine. Love your collage, just beautiful.

paige said...

i am lovin these little chandeliers!!
the necklace-gorgeous!
the precious. i am quite inspired!
my next to oldest daughter is a ballerina & her name begins with M...ummm....think i have some ideas thanks to you!!

Renee :) said...

Hi Mary!!Do you remember me?I just now found out you posted me a comment in June & didn't even notice it as I don't often post to my blog so had no idea I had a comment until I was just looking back & saw you sent me a comment.Now I feel really bad,I hope you didn't think I didn't want to email you back as I love your blog,but it's very hard for me to see your beautiful pics with dial up,it takes forever to load,but I saw your beautiful necklaces you made & they are lovely!Well,I must stop this before it turns into a novel. :) I would be so thrilled to keep in touch with you!(ps-the girls & I are still in Michigan) :(

jenny holiday said...

Note to self....must invest in a fainting couch!

Ohhh myyy!! Rosanna's necklaces are just toooo fabbbulous!! I LOOOOVE them!! just amaaazing! She will surely go nuts over them!! Lucky girl!!

And of course I NEED a chandelier in my life!! Just tooo perfect!!

You are dazzling Mary!!!!
xoxo Jenny

Jennifer said...

Omigosh! Mary, those necklaces are soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! So sweet and charming! Rosanna is SOOO LUCKY!

She'sSewPretty said...

Mary, The collage and the chandeliers are just adorable!! You are so creative!

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous collage! Love that teeny, tiny house!

Anonymous said...

So sweet of you to include me in your blog! I really love how the collage & chandelier turned out - so pretty & nice to display. At some point I'd like to start a blog w/photos of things I've made as well as the wonderful things I've gotten from bloggers such as yourself. Thanks so much ~ Melanie

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you MADE those chandeliers?! WOW WOW WOW!~!!!!!!!