Monday, July 30, 2007

Petit Holiday


I hope that everyone had a great weekend. We actually got away! We left early Saturday a.m. for Michigan. We made it to my sisters' about hmmm, well, later than we hoped. Two of my sisters live in the same town with their families as well as our Mom! It was a very fun afternoon! First we went over to my Mom's new condo to check it out! I think she has owned it for only 6 months. My Brother-In Laws (Brothers) and my sisters ...EVERYONE helped get her place perfect! They actually gutted the place! It looks FABULOUS! She had a wonderful condo before but was wanting a smaller place. Now she has a PETIT MANOIR! She has chosen wonderful lively colors and this makes her new home really cosmopolitan. What! You wonder where the pix are? The Hubby did not realize that battery life is used up quickly when you use the camera as a photo album. We should have had our son take pictures for us!! He has a brand spankin new camera! It is a honey!!! EOS 30D with a wide angle lense. Doug really loves photography. Maybe he will start putting up some of his work on his site. He took a lot of pix of some boat races they were having on the St.Clair River. The boats could be heard where ever we went! I did not actually see them... but Doug has some pictures. He also took pictures of us playing some new game which was loads of FUN~FUN~FUN~!!! I think it was called blongo ball, or Scottish bowling....I am told that it goes by many different names and many different price points! My sister was in a hurry and went for the high end! Thanks is really, really fun! I will post some pictures of it all!
Sunday was a big event! My father-In Laws' Birthday!!! Of course we were late! We were supposed to leave at 1, allowing plenty of time to get there, But we take too long saying goodbye. Then we needed gas, and more unexpected problems! There is never enough time in the day to visit with family! We had a wonderful time on our very Petit Holiday! Hugs to you all in Michigan AND Congratulations Maureen and Eric!!! ~~~~Just engaged~~~~ : )

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Rosemary said...

Sounds like a fun time.
Glad you had a petite getaway.