Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Deux Amis

two hearts

~~~~~~Two Friends~~~~~~
I recently found these two small swans while treasure hunting for "supplies" for necklaces, collages, etc. Some time ago though, I was told that you should never have a "single swan". A pair of swans was the ideal. I was purchasing just one swan. She had another, but it was not for me. Later...within 6 months of this time, I found the perfect "masculine" swan. I filled this strong guy with candy hearts. This guy was strong but had heart too! I gave him to the Hubby for Valentines Day.

I heard on the news that boys are stilll being over prescribed Ritalin and such drugs. This is a beef of mine. Please lets let our boys be boys and give them some space to be and grow the way that they were meant to. I used to think girls and boys were the same...then I was blessed with a Daughter and then a Son. They are so beautifully different. : ) Thank God. Deux Amis...Two Friends...man and wife...sons and daughters....each bringing there gifts to the friendship.

Well that is it for today...The pretty pix is a tiny spot on my unorganized shelf. We had my nephew and his buddy come last week and I needed to clear the kitchen table and front living room... pronto. I look forward to having it "pretty" and organized fairly soon, but not yet.


Sugar Bear said...

The two swans are perfect compliments to each other.

Rosemary said...

Love your swans. They are so graceful.

Anonymous said...

The female swan looks like such a princess.... awww

Flea Market Queen said...

I love your swans...what a great Valentine's gift!
Being the mother of 2 sons I did let them be...they were obnoxious, sometimes out of control, wild and crazy and I loved every minute of it! Wouldn't change a thing.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your swans are lovely!! I totally agree with you about the ADD drugs- I cannot imagine putting my boys on medication because some teacher thinks he is too active! It makes me so mad!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I love your swans! And everyone else's haha....three boys here but none on pills...what is funny though is our pediatrician treats himself for attention deficit!