Monday, July 9, 2007

Now You See It...

Melting! That is what the temperatures here where this past weekend! So the Hubby decided to empty out the office closet (Doug helped) and remove the exicisting shelves. When he did this he found THIS:


A slice in the carpet. I guess the builder put the shelves in before the carpet. This house was already underconstruction when we found it and needed it PRONTO! We came in from Michigan and met with the realtor in the morning. He did not have much to show us but "this house just was reduced!" I thank God for
All of the special blessings that summer!


There is a nice step-up into the room. But what shall we do now that the carpet is sliced? K.C. loves hardwood but not right now. He knows I have wanted to paint the stairs to the uppper level and paint our masterbedroom floors also. WHITE GLOSS! LOVELY!!! I have wanted this for YEARS!!! I mean YEARS and YEARS! Even before Caitlin and I went to visit my brother Matt in New York in Sept. 2001! When he opened the loft door there they were! Beautiful white floors. His girlfriend let us know how he wanted to get them painted in honor of our visit. Oh so sweet is my big Brother! He was also doing some great pieces of white textured natural materials that I was invited to help him with!..But events changed.


There is a perfect pocket door, hardwood and paneled that you can not see right now since it is opened.


There is also an octaganol window that opens. :)


The room is 7' by 5 1/2'. Huge and wonderful through my eyes! It is going to be My spot! I can have the sewing machine set up permanently! Ready to go by just a flip of the switch. Ah heaven. I have not had that luxury since I was a young girl at my parents home. Soon, very soon it will be done! I plan for it to be all white. the moldings, floor, walls and ceiling. I am very tempted to put color on the floor. something like Green, pink or a beautiful shade of summery blue, like the dining room walls :) Lovely. I was thinking of painting a border on it that I have been dreaming of, but there would not be much of it visible once the room is loaded. I can put color on the chair! Oh need to go shopping for a chair..note to self start in the basement! That is were the best deals are found hahah.
I have not forgotten about all of the things I am making for you all out there! The week has started and I am back to the kitchen table Where a beautiful array of colors drift and float.

Look at what came in the mail last week!!!



This is from Justiss for the Tag Swap that Tammy hosted. This was her very first tag and swap also! She made a different tag for each of us! She also included several sheets of music and some cute shell like buttons! Totally above and beyond! I love the Eiffel Tower that she put on mine and the modern pattern she placed on the body of the tag! I do like some modern things. Did you notice how they can add energy to a room when they are used in decorating! Same with tags! Oh and it is pink and a yumy shade of milk chocolate. Love it! Thank You Justiss!
So I am working hard for you all and for breaks I am going to paint that closet! Oh please no more wood putty on the floor!


Sugar Bear said...

I'm so happy for you! Having your very own spot is going to be so fabulous. I LOVE the idea of a green or white floor. Just yummy! How do you paint it without worrying about chipping (or maybe chipping is a good thing!).

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh it is going to be so fresh and cute! And all yours! I can't wait to move in ..uh I mean SEE it :)
Was your brother involved in the 9/11 situation Mary?

Rosemary said...

I think your room will be beautiful when it is finished. I have a room of my own and I love it.
The floor is painted green.
I love painted floors.

Rosemary said...

Hi again Mary,
I did not get the glass window sign from Karen, but I probably have something in every room from Karen. She gives me great prices on things. She calls it the Rosemary price. I forgot to mention how cute your tag is, with the eiffel tower.

Cheryl said...

Oh I understand about the white floors! That would be gorgeous.