Friday, July 6, 2007



Gee! I must say that all of you are sooo kind with all of your very lovely and sweet comments about my last post and projects! Thank You all so very much!
I was taken by surprise by the response and I am getting some necklaces ready along with collages and maybe a mini chandelier or two and wire tags. Please bear with me while my workshop (kitchen table) is put to the test and these treats of the inedible kind are made.
If you have special requests let me know and I will do my best in fulfilling them. I have not made a price list since I was caught off guard.

OOOh how hot is it where you are? What are you doing to stay cool? This is one of the weeks that we would be in Petoskey and Harbor Springs Michigan. We would camp in the cool SANDY ground beneath tall trees that would keep the air cool yet speckled with sunlight. Of coarse we would be at the beach for most of the day. The beach is literally one minute BY FOOT! The whole atmosphere is magical. There are huge dunes to climb with trees just over the top on the "land" side of the dunes to give you shade. But we always stayed mostly at the top. You see when you are up there the view is unbelievably beautiful. We would sit up there for a time watching Caitlin and Doug explore. When it was time to head back down...well that is when the excitement starts! The tough climb UP becomes the SWIFT run, jump and fly process on the way down! Both towns would let off fireworks while we sat on the grassy cliff over looking Lake Michigan. The entire night sky directly over head was filled with those beautiful SPARKLING colors. Now we are in Illinois and too far away for limited vacation time. Still it is not too bad, YET. This weekend will be in the 100's, that may be the heat index, I am not sure.
Still not as stifling as some of YOUR temps! So how are you keeping cool?


Rosemary said...

You probably don't want to hear this, but it has been in the 70's for the last two days here.
It is quite comfortable. We have a foggy ocean influence lately.

carole said...

I am VERY interested in a mini chandelier! I have been thinking about that pretty lil thing since I first saw it! if you can give me any info,that would be peachy!

She'sSewPretty said...

It's going to be 109 here with 40% humidity. I need to go to the store but I can't face the trip out to the car. so, instead, I am inside reading blogs. LOL

Only a Paper Moon said...

It hasn't been too bad around here, for the past two days the air has been on, but I did find time to relax outside. The weekend, though not as bad as yours, is gonna be in the high 90's as well as all of next week. Wishing all of us some cool weather!!