Monday, June 4, 2007

"The Necklace"

Belle Finition

Well, I have been neglecting all of you as of late! I hope this pretty necklace makes up for it. Ohhh, no you can't really have this one. Nor can I!!! Boo hoo hoo! This is a special order for a client and new friend. It seems that many of the people I have done work for become my friends and I could not be more honored. Loraine found me thru my shop Oh Merci. It took a little while to gather the perfect charms but I think we would all agree that it was worth it! This is one of those pieces that when you are done you step back in awe. Not in conceit. For you feel as if you are not the true author of the piece. So you can dance around in joy at the beauty of it.

Well I have been known to dance around the house when no one is home. Hey, it's good exercise! And fun. Don't you dance while you are making dinner??? I remember seeing Salma Heyek in Fools Rush In? I thought, how freeing, she can just be herself without worry of criticism or a sorry joke! I wish that feeling for all of us!!!

This box wishes it were going to Silver Bella!!! I See that many of my friends are "IN" and some are instructors this year!!! It is going to be a very magical SilverBella this year!!! The instructors are AMAZING and the projects are to "swoon" for as Jenny would say to show her Joy!!! By the way she and her best pal ever are going to teach TWO classes this year!!! Say! We left the poor white box all alone! I have already decorated it!!! So you will not have to wait...too long! haha. Just until it arrives at Lorraine's home! It is a surprise for her!
I WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW!!! Yes, I will! I will return!!!
Dede Congratulations!!! You did it!! : )


Sugar Bear said...

That is quite a gorgeous necklace! Just one glance and you can see the work and love that went into it. Hooray for you!

Renee :) said...

Oh wow,such a sweet,beautiful necklace!Maybe one day I will attempt to make a charm necklace as they are so pretty.If my daughters saw this necklace they would love it,too.So inpsiring! :)

Rosemary said...

Beautiful necklace. Great job!!

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Beautiful necklace! I just love the color and the feel to it! Karin

Nerissa said...

WOW! What a showstopper. Absolutely gorgous. Your friend is going to be such a proud owner.

Stephanie said...

Such a pretty necklace. I love it. And such a pretty "model" wearing it, too!

Angelic Accents

Laura said...


This necklace is a masterpiece!!!!! How wonderful and exciting! So lovely!!!!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes that picture of the bust with the necklace is stunning! You must make yourself another one...that picture would make great greeting cards Mary. Or a print to frame!

Natasha Burns said...

oh your necklace is stunning!!!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

What a lovely blog you have here. The necklace is so "charming!"