Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Stormy Weather"

Oh No! the news this A.M. said it will be very "gusty". Well Chicago is always windy. At least for us girls with
fine hair. They said that "it is a pony tail day!"

Pony Tail Weather

This is a "fancy" pony tail for those of you who need to secure your hair well on these "blustery" days! Has anyone seen "Dark Shadows"?? The T.V. show? I saw it in re-runs when I was young. Never new what I was watching! You know when you are at that age when you want to see scary things? You may ask why is she digressing??? I am not digressing from hair styles! When I went on to Junior High I wore my hair like one of the character's,actresses Kate Jackson...later of Charlie's Angels fame. Instead of pulling your hair from the sides to the back in a barrette, you pull from the sides and go UNDER the hair with a barret at the nap of the neck! Oh so...unique! hahah. I thought I had a picture of the classic pony tail done by the original Barbie Doll. Now that would be cool!!
Back to the weather! Hopefully we will be below the major outbreak area! If you want to read the "former storm chaser's" weather bulletin you can find it at Nice-etc, Caitlin's blog. You can see her very, very, very cute pony tail that she wore yesterday!!! It has a "poof" up on top! Just how I want my hair! she said "well, it won't last long! ??? Am I back to pony tails AGAIN?! I want to let you Minnesota and Wisconsin girls know that portions of your state are affected. No, not by pony tails! Jeeshh! Stay with me! Green Bay To Minneapolis, down past Chicago a bit. Can you tell that we do not like tornado's!!! My hubby and I were in (along side rather) one before we were married. He looked out his window and happened to see the neighbor student who was partially blind leading his blind roommates to the cellar door. My K.C. went with them. I was 1/2 mile away in the middle of working on a patient...we could not stop, we had generators in case the power went out. Hey, you cannot just leave a guy with his mouth wide open and 1/2 a tooth gone! It was as black as night! Lucky, for almost everyone, the tornado made it's way down a major road to the downtown at 4p.m. School had long been dismissed and rush hour had not started.
The 100 year old oaks were ripped from the ground and tossed aside as if the jolly giant was pulling weeds from his garden.
Buildings were destroyed and 5 people were killed including a new bride. I grew up near that town and the area is the tail end of "tornado alley", in the summer and the "snow belt" in the winter. We had many nights pulled out of bed and placed in sleeping bags in our basement.
If you do not hear from me tomorrow send help! I will be buried underneath boxes (empty the way my Husband saves every single box), kitchen chairs and Christmas decorations. hahah Really, Stay Safe Everyone. Going for cover is smart! Staring at the Tornado ( oh ya, Caitlin and I better remember this) is DUMB!!!


Lori said...

I am not to far away in South Bend IN and it is windy!! We are having between 30-35 mile an hour wind! My flowers are no longer the upright citizens on my yard they were! Let's hope we have a safe evening! Lori

Arlene said...

Mary, me too! Winds are coming, and we are supposed to have a horrible hailstorm tonight! I'm battening down the hatches!

Rosemary said...

I loved Dark Shadows!!! I use to race home from school to watch it.
Thanks for reminding me. It was a good memory.

She'sSewPretty said...

I remember Dark Shadows. My grandma wouldn't let us watch it when she babysat. Told us it was too scary. Remember Barnabus?? I've been in one tornado and I didn't know what it was. The only one in my history in CA and I drove right through it. I was so scared. Thought it was just a bad storm. Went home and called my mom and she told me that I had just drove through or in front of or behind a tornado....YIKES!!
You be careful!

Genevieve Olsen said...

Oh! I hope that you will be all right; may the force be with you!!! He He! I was just looking at the pictures on your blog sooo pretty. I love, love, love, your dining room color. I have been thinking of painting my bedroom that color, it seems so soothing. Thank you for listing the brand and color name! With the exception of my girls rooms our whole house is red, but the more I visit all of these lovely blogs, you gals are starting to take me over to the light side! Pinks, blues, lavender, this could be a very expensive crossover!!! But then I still crave red too. I am a decorating basket case!!!I really need 2 houses one light, bright and pretty and one red, bold and dramatic! I still like to watch scary (not gory) shows but even now at 35 years old they still give me nightmares!

Anonymous said...

It's quite blustery here in Oklahoma today (of course most days are blustery here, the warning is in the first line of our stat song after all). My hair is very fine too - so in a ponytail it stays today!