Saturday, June 9, 2007


Caitlin Has some very very BIG and GREAT news. At least we think so : ) We need EVERYONE'S help! If you could come back to either this site or Caitlin's ON THIS TUESDAY (JUNE 12TH) WE WILL THEN LET YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. We cannot say anything else! Just that it will be easy and fun and VERY IMPORTANT TO CAITLIN (thus me too : )


Caitlin and I were able to get to two thrift stores this week. They are around the corner from each other, which makes going ideal. Can you believe what we found!!! This has a beautiful marble top that matches the other coffee table's marble shown below from the Tea Party that Kari thru last March.


Here is the actual top of the new piece, a side table.


It is not a Carara Marble, It has a brown/gold veining in with it. I hope to get this marble for my kitchen
counter tops. Here is a side view of the new piece.


I have it in the back livingroom. I may use it next to our bed and later ~m.a.y.b.e~ let Caitlin or Doug take it with them. I will post more pictures of our recent finds tommorrow.

In the first picture of the tabel you can see a tiny part of two love seats that I made slipcovers for. The one on the left was made first. I used a vintage bed coverlet. I also decided to use beige duck cloth on the backs of all pillows, including the deck. This gave it more stability for the coverlet was prone to stretching a tad out of shape. I made this one loose and sloppy which was the style at the time. That made it a great project for a first time slipcover! The other piece was made more recently along with the couch slipcover that you can also see at the Tea Party post. These I made fitted. I still had to be able to fit them over the couch! This was more difficult but I love the result. They all come off for washing : ) I had wanted a white couch in natural fabric ever since K.C.(Kevin...but his childhood nickname stuck and He LOVES it) and I were married. They are all comfortable and the MANY chocolate stains come out! I am going to make some new throw pillows so I will take better pictures of the love seats then. Thank You for waiting.

Oh, Thank you for all of your kind wishes with the weather on Thursday. Our neighbor lost a large limb from a tree early in the day, and some had outdoor furniture blow around but that was it for us!!! Illinois had pockets where it was worse...somewhere there was golf ball size hail!!! I am glad that this storm did not turn out like they thought! I could not get to the news all day to see if all of you in Wisconsin, Minnesota and even Indiana faired equally well. I hope you are all GREAT!!!
***REMEMBER***BE SURE TO STOP BY ON TUESDAY! I will have other posts in between though! and you may want to tell your friends about it once you see what it is..why we need your help.


Kasse said...

Hi Mary, This is Kasse from over at Miss Duffy's. I have been meaning to come over to tell you thank you for the advice and info. concerning my antique roses. I took over 30 cuttings, and 10 have successfully rooted. I thought that was a pretty good success rate! Anyway, love your blog and will visit often. You can give me advice any day!!
Kind Regards, Kasse

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Intrigued as always Mary!!! What on earth has Caitlin gotten us into??? I'll be here...will there be chocolate? I promise not to get any on your couch... said...

Would you be interested in making a slipcover for me? I have been looking for one. Thanks

Rosemary said...

Can't wait to come back on Tuesday.
Love the stuff you found.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, mysteries are fun.

Natasha Burns said...

Itching to know what it is.... and I love your finds and the fact that you can make slipcovers with piping too!

Gypsy Purple said...

Catching up on posts.....will be back on Tuesday...

She'sSewPretty said...

Mary, That's such a pretty little table. I would love to have a white slipcovered couch. From the little I can see you did a great job sewing those slipcovers. I can't wait to see what your big news is. I added you to my favorites so I would remember to come back.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until tomorrow!! I love surprises.