Wednesday, May 2, 2007

!!!Joyeux Anniversaire Matthew!!!

!!! Two Post Day !!!
TODAY is Matt's Birthday! May 2nd!!! He is my big brother! He has always been there looking out for me, even when I have not known it. He has always championed the best wishes and gifts for my sisters and me. He is not condescending or bossy. He is loving, caring, GENEROUS, kind, thoughtful....AND he is still allowing himself to grow and become more, : ) haha at our age! : ) Oh ya, he also is extremely smart, and knows how to swing out on a vine over a tent like Tarzan!!!
He was there for my daughter and I on Sept. 11th and was also great at caring for his girlfriend with her (our) great concerns of that day. My Brother is strong and he is soft. Happy Birthday Matt! I love you!


Betty Jo said...

What a precious tribute to a brother! That is soooo awesome. Happy Birthday to your brother. What a gorgeous and festive photo. xoxo

Natasha Burns said...

Love the display for your brother's birthday! And your wallpaper packs you received are divine, I wouldn't be able to cut them up!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Happy birthday to Matt.....hope he reads your blog...lovely words and precious memories
I absolutely love the "hats off" to Matt....very clever!!!!

tricia stirling said...

what a sweet post. i hope my children feel this way about each other when they are grown. happy birthday Matt!