Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SPRING! Where are Thee!?


Who knew? It comes so quietly. Falling softly down to give a warm blanket to the plants, buffering them from the cold. Yes, this is all well and good. But I am COLD! We turned the heat back on a few weeks ago (at a lower temperature) and this morning, turned up the tempurature.
When I came down this morning I had to rub my eyes...Catapult one of two cats was very annoying this a.m., starting at 4 something (that's a.m.) to get me up. Not my favorite way to wake up. I do not even bother setting the alarm anymore. Back to my point...I really rubbed my eyes! It must be rain, that's it, rain shinning in the moonlight!! It Has to be! Nope SNOW. Way back in January one of the local A.M. newscasters was caught on camera saying "If I hear "Winter Wonderland" one more time!" Ya! I better appreciate this because before we know it, maybe tomorrow..really, the temps maybe 80 degrees. It has been known to happen on several occasions in my life!
My plan was to go out this morning and take some pictures of spring buds! To bring hope of spring. I did get one hyacinth, and in the next picture you will see 2 lilac bushes. What is that you say? Where are they? Please look right behind the pink seatee and on either side of the bird bath! You didn't think I was really going to go out in THIS weather did you!!! It IS still snowing. But grass is poking out still in places : )


I hope this post makes some of you feel better about your cold weather. Much of the nation this week is experiencing below normal temperatures. I have a nursery around the corner from me. I could walk! But that would be a bad idea...perhaps I would NEED a plant ot two, or three, or... I have a problem at the nurseries. Last year I did a little better. I didn't even earn any rewards from my purchases! Hmm, is that a good thing? The last photo is of one of my favorite urns, a large terra cotta urn. See all of that snow on it? It is patiently waiting to host a bounty of summer blooms. I guess I can wait a little longer too.
Stay warm, maybe have a cup of cocoa!


karin said...

If it's any consolation, the pictures are beautiful. I grew up in Michigan. So, I know by this time of the year, all the wonder and beauty of the snow is no longer so romantic. All you want is sunshine!!!!

Karin (creativechaos)

Pookie and Fig said...

Oh I know how it is! We had several inches last week and lost power for half the day because of it. We're due for another storm tomorrow. It's April *sigh*--can't last too much longer right?

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Thanks so much for visiting my new Creative Blogs.
Love your.........would love to feature yours someday too.

Tammy said...

So diggin' the pink painted lawn furniture! What a great idea!! I'm so snaggin' that color for my adirondack chairs. :) Thanks! xoxo

Jammy said...

Looks like my neck of the woods, welll we were expecting snow today, so far only hail and rain...YAY!! My bulbs are starting to peek out from underneath the blanket of mulch, so I am *hoping* they don't die faster than they come up. Hurry Spring!!!


Arlene said...

I can sympathize, I think we are kinda sorta neighbors...I'm in Fox Lake, a bit north of you...and freezing! Love your blog!

Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Terrible, terrible weather, its so windy outside right now, gets scary sometimes. I can't wait till this winter weather is over with. Love the pictures.

I want sunshine!!!