Monday, April 9, 2007

A little Bit of Art Fun





Trying to eek out time to just make something because you want to can be difficult. Saturday Afternoon I finally snuck in some time (I do mean snuck). I was going to make a pipecleaner basket I saw on ArtsyMamas' site during the big Tea Party! Directions are posted there and in Martha Stewart Magazine. BUT then I saw the beautiful basket that has been on my mind ever since! Of coarse at Kari's. I found colored foil and a suitable form, although smaller than I would have liked. Once the engineering was figured out I was on my way down the bunny trail! If I had to guess where these originated I would guess Cody Foster. I heart Cody Foster stuff. His trees are so gorgeous.
The second photo is actually the first one I made. This one Doug picked out for his girlfriend, Monica. I found out that her favorite color is time. That left the the other one for Caitlin (first photo) .
My husband is pretty ok with how I decorate. The Family room has 2 of my slipcovered loveseats in it IN WHITE. But the walls are a shade of yellow (a very difficult color to get right). This room has the most color in it I guess. It is where we are the most as a family. Ok I ramble...My point is that I truly am not the greatest at making things for men. Masculine things. So he and Doug do not get many of my creations. I really feel bad about that. But If you get a ham for the Hubby and IF I ever make my families homemade cinnamon rolls again for Doug..all will be better. I have learned alot from Doug. He painted his bedroom a dark shade of grey and a few shades lighter on the paint chip for the ceiling. Then the moldings went from stained wood to white. He has an incredible eye for design. He helps me to see things differently.
The beautiful flowers are from my husband ( picked them out with him along with a beautiful african violet). The Florist coverd them in the peach and the purple foil. My plan was to take off the foil and use it for the baskets, but they were too pretty to dismantle. I went back the next day to purchase just foil, if possible. Well, this is the florist that knows my son very very well. Douglas is very thughtful as a boyfriend and Son. So the florist would not let me purchase the foil...she so kindly gave it to me!!! Oh, Merci Merci!!!
My husband still came home with MORE flowers and of coarse a card. Cards are His signature "gift". They are very important to him.
May day will be coming....maybe I can still make those pipecleaner baskets and somehow fill with flowers for friends! Yaa!
Bye for now. Let's have a very good day!


ArtsyMama said...

Your basket looks absolutely stunning. Great work!!! You are just so fabulously crafty. You just blow me away:) Love it all!You asked about where I bought my basket and it's made by Seasons of Cannon Falls. I bought it in Seattle when I was there for ArtFest.

What gorgeous flowers from your hubby:)

Ah yes, May Day...time for more baskets!!! hehe.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

LOVELY LOVELY baskets! I love each one! And what a sweet husband to keep giving you flowers and cards! =)

hollydoodledesigns said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your baskets, they really do remind me of the ones from season's of cannon falls. You were looking for where to buy those, I got mine from . She has several more in now, May baskets! I'm buying some, oh yeah!

Holly Doodle said...

By the way, your wreaths are breathtaking. I NEED one. Also, do you sell those sweet little fluffy lambs? I need several!

purple cucumbers folk art said...

Hi darling,thanks for stopping by ,the rugs are easier to clean than the carpet as my 2 boys(pups) are a mess,and my daughter is always bringing home ratcoons,baby beavers,deers and other critters,
Come on over anytime and we will have a mountain dew and chat.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love your photos and your basket turned out wonderful. I recently saw some similar ones in my favorite shop. It just happened that my next stop was just down the street to the cake decorating shop, where I bought some foil for just this sort of thing. I saw some sweet looking eggs covered with foil and lovely little flowers too.
Thank you very much for the comment you left on my site.

Sugar Bear said...

I love the baskets! Came out great but of course everything you do does!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I love your sweet basket you made and that little Easter girl is so cute too! How sweet that your son always remembers flowers!

Heather :)

oldflowers4me said...

i just love all your photo's, there very dreamy.