Thursday, March 1, 2007

Oh Merci is Almost Ready To Open


OK. Now I have for you the pictures of the cardinals and our snowy backyard that you were looking for at my last post! I am just learning, Merci for your kindness.

Today...rainy with two magnificant sightings of sunshine, Thank Goodness. Caitlin re-taught me on adding photos today (over the phone). Thankyou Caitlin!
I have two little photos for a sneek peek of projects in process. Sooo, my little shop will be opening soon!




ArtsyMama said...

What fun projects. Those wreaths are fabulous!!! Where did you find them??

Lilli said...

I've never seen wreaths like this! How wonderfully frothy and ethereal.

Those cardinals are amazing, the way they are bright red spots in a white tree :)

ArtsyMama said...

Love how they look completed in your shop. I'm speechless. They are so fantastic!!! I would love to put on in each room of my home:):)

Laume said...

Oh, the cardinals in the snow are great! I see four of them. I miss cardinals from my midwest childhood. We don't have them out here in California.