Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Soft, Quiet, and Peaceful

This is a view of part of our yard. My Hubby took it this past Sunday afternoon. The second photo shows 4 beautiful cardinals, however when one flew away, then another and another...we realized there were far more than those 4 cardinals hanging out. This little tree has thorns on it about 3-4" long, providing protection for the birds.

Even though these photos are very peaceful we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of my youngest sister, Nancy and her hubby, Ken. They were traveling from Michigan thru the lake affect snow area to get to us. Nancy is part of a study group of MS patients. She needed a follow-up MRI. She is still in remission! YAAAA! She has given me permission to give out a link to her web page here which will get you to the link for the study that she is in. It has been a wonderful blessing for her to be included in this study. Please link over to it, perhaps it can help someone you love. We hope so.
Blessings to you.

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