Thursday, March 15, 2007

100's of Chicks


I really like these little chicks. I especially like the tiny ones. When I was vey little, we
lived on a farm for a couple of years. My parents rented 1/2 of an Italianate home. It
was very big and nice. The owner of this home had a great deal of land and lived down
the lane. Between our house and his lived his mother, Grandma Bunny, and his
younger sister, Helen. Helen was grand and always was fun. She had Downs Syndrome
and had defeated the odds of the time, living a long life. Our mom would walk us down
the lane to their home where warm cookies would be waiting. Oh, did I mention that
Grandma Bunny and Helen lived in the side of a hill with a grass roof!!! Just like
bunnies! They had a nice big picture window on both sides of the door. Of coarse they
were expecting us and Helen would always take us out to show us her chickens, while
my mom would visit with Grandma Bunny. Helen would take us to the big fenced area
with the chicken coop, and slip inside and feed the chickens. Always at some point (it
seemed to me) she would "accidentally " let all the chicks out of the pen. All of those
cute little chicks scurrying everywhere. Sounds of joy and excitement filled the air.
Helen loved our reaction, and we loved her gift to us everytime. See, I do remember
Grandma Bunny calling, in her soft voice, after Helen, "Don't let the chickens get out,

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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a sweet story! My grandma had chickens, and I liked watching her feed them. Pleasant memories.....