Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rachel Khoo

Just back from a wonderful trip with my husband!  Warm sand, big waves, great company.  We stayed
at a Waldorf Astoria property and it was wonderful.

Back to reality, the temps this week are in the LOW 60's with evenings being 40's.  The crisp fall air,
the darker blue sky and the leaves gently falling.  All of this signals it is time for a trip to an apple orchard.
Perfect que for this sweet petit video with Rachel Khoo, a perfect little  fall picnic.

Let me know if you try Rachel's recipe!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

Lovely to catch up with you and yes, I have Rachel Khoo cookbook My little Paris kitchen and cook a lot of the recipes from it. I enjoy her shows on television also.
Hope your year is off to a great start and best wishes for 2016

Aadarsh Dahit said...

SEE Notes