Thursday, May 15, 2014

Caitlin & ~

Hello!  It feels like early Spring this week.   I am welcoming the slow transition into Summer.

It is much like an easy shift into life again for Caitlin also!  She is looking AMAZING!  The water weight and puffiness,
to put it lightly, is gone and in fact I now see that she was puffy in her face during dialysis. This I did not realize at the time.
The Port into her heart for dialysis came out after the transplant, just before she left the RUSH UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL...
It all adds up to a MIRACLE.
She is feeling better and better each day.  Sure, she has some changes in medicine/anti-rejection meds, but is doing well!  We are
so grateful to Bridget's willingness to give such an AMAZING GIFT of a KIDNEY!  Bridget has not yet received the OK to
head on out to New Zealand, but it is anticipated shortly.  I am sure she is anxiously waiting to be re-united with Myles.

Other news ~ We have two nieces in the same family who are expecting babies this Spring.  Actually, Jessica (& Ryan) has
already delivered a handsome baby boy and her sister Lacey and husband Glen are due in early June!   Their older sister Anna
and husband Mike already started the grandchildren rolling in for their parent's with Charlotte, who is to be three this year!
Sadly they all live out of my state.  But hey!  We will be able to get out more now that Caitlin is on her way back to life!!!

Now that I am better at crocheting, I decided make up my own Modern Crochet Baby Blanket ~ as I like to call it.  It is
not the typical baby blanket, I wanted something special for them.  So I used a modern twist on a French pattern.

This was so very enjoyable to figure out a pattern for.  Once the 
half-way point was reached it was a breeze.  I used metallic gold 
for Lacey who is told she may have a girl.  The metallic yarn is 
very soft and should be nice for a baby.   I love it.

 Metalic Silver 

Some lavender sachets with petit poms & flannel receiving blankets with crochet edging.

Adorable wooden petit hangers, poms added for fun.

Special Delivery on it's way!

*My Plan is to get back into the creativity mode = start designing again!

Flannel Receiving Blanket

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

so happy to hear that Caitlin is doing better each day and yes, indeed a miracle and such a wonderful thing. I really love the sweet baby blankets and how exciting for your family with all the sweet new babies.
Enjoy the weekend