Monday, May 13, 2013

The news today is ~ Cailtin's shop is open again!  Yes, for the first time since her not so fun 2012 Valentines Day date with
the ER and days of hand holding in ICU she is ready for a bit of fun in limited amounts.

We are still patiently waiting for a transplant ... this is a roller coaster ride we have found.

I will be back soon on another wonderful and amazing transplant of a different kind and of U.S. importance!


With Kindness & Love,

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Mary! Thank so much for the sweet concerned comment on my blog a couple of months ago. You were right, I was busy being immersed in a project... my 4th baby! Yes, I have four boys now! So I'm a busy momma. Little one is now almost 4 months. I have enjoyed seeing all your lovely pins on Pinterest lately. That is where I spend most of my online time these days. Thank you for noticing I was not around. It is nice to be missed.
Michelle xoxo