Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling wiped  out today ...yet,  after stopping by Tiff's and another favorite spot I felt much better.    To top it off, a friend
called in need of  tile design input, which always increases happiness when you can help out!

This photo brought back memories of my Dad.  My Dad died fairly young, and suddenly.   Well, my Dad was great!  He always
had time for us... all 6 of us.  He would whistle and sing on some Saturday evenings.   I  asked him once why he was
whistling and singing.  He said, "because your Mom and I are going out together tonight."
I LOVED that my Dad loved my mom so much.
My Dad also took us to find night crawlers at night.   I guess that is when you can find, said night crawlers.  Sure enough my sister
Kelly and I found some.  She was brave enough to pick them up, not me.

He also took the two of us, because we were the oldest girls,  to work and showed us his project he was making for our mailbox.
He took old, huge washers from the huge turbines and welded them together for a mailbox for our Mom.  It was wonderful!

The above design that I found this morning reminded me of my Dads project and of my Dad.  HIs was on a much larger scale
but still I see the link. *no pun intended   I miss him always but especially  right now.  I miss my Mom too.  She is a bit far away and lovingly
volunteers almost everyday at the hospital.   I know she would come if I asked.

So a post for Fathers... a bit early but still brimming with love.



Auntie Bliss said...

Oh Mary! I just remembered reading your sweet emails yesterday and I didn't stop to write back!
I am concerned about your daughter and pray for you and your family.
Well today I borrowed my dad's old luggage and when I took a sniff inside...I was suddenly on a vacation with my parents! It was incredible.

Keep your sunnyside up :)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Mary,

Lovely that you have happy memories of your dear Father and I enjoyed reading your post.
Us girls do miss our Dad's very much, I know I do and often think of the happy life we had.
My continued thoughts and prayers are with Caitlin, you and your family, sending love & hugs


Anonymous said...

My dear sister, What a touching tribute to your Dad!! I know you loved him so much!!you are in my heart and prayers as are Caitlin and K.C. and Doug! Love, Kathy