Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello Dear Friends,
I know it has been a while.  This is not a normal New Year for us.  The New Year started with many various projects.
Some very exciting, some related to Oh Merci and others to my Faith and in helping others.  Then, Caitlin said;
come on and help me.  I love helping her with various parts of her business that she assigns me.  My helping out was
to leave her some time to create new items for you.  Just as I was getting in the swing of things... Caitlin was, we were,
hit with a medical emergency.  We have two children, 20 somethings.  Caitlin and Doug. 

We took Caitlin to the ER of the Hospital that was close to us... my thinking was hey, they may not be as busy as the other
Hospital, it is Valentines night, who wants to come to the ER then.  I wanted Caitlin seen asap.  Then we can get home safe and sound.

So I did have a bit of a crying spell when the ER Doctor said she must stay the night.  Sometimes I could position my "easy chair" correctly,
i.e. not in the way, so Caitlin and I could hold hands.  We all wanted to be with her always,  Dad, Doug (her brother), and James (her boyfriend).
Loved ones sent their love in all kinds of wonderful ways.  Caitlin is Blessed, we are Blessed.

Caitlin was in ICU from Tuesday evening till Friday evening, then ICA for 7 more days.  They were very worried also about her heart.

She has RPGN Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonepheritus, which attacks her kidneys.   My Mom, who wanted to come right down
with my youngest sister Nan,  I wish I could have a hug from them.  All of our Families are a bit away. They and all of our friends have been so very,
very wonderful, and have spread the need for Prayer.  Thank you all so very much.

My heart goes out to all of you who have already dealt with or are dealing with difficulties.  Life can change in a blink.  I am choosing to Trust in our Lord.  

You can read more from Caitlin.  She is so very strong.

God Bless,


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Mary,

I was so sorry to hear of your dear daughters health problems.
You will be much in my thoughts, prayers and I am sending well wishes for Caitlin and your family.

Sending love, hugs
Carolyn xo

Helping Hands said...

You've shared it all beautiful and more effective. I love it.

Sugar Bear said...

Mary, I'm so sorry to hear that you have all been going through this. I will keep you and especially Caitlin in my prayers.