Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Snow! Snow go away come again some other day" .  
I just recalled this from my childhood.  I do believe it is supposed to refer to rain, not snow. 

There is an upside to snow and cold weather!

mmm. Just perfect on such a day where there is 2 feet of snow outside {over night this landed in our yard!}.

"Breakfast of Champions

Not the snow blower, that we had from my Dad and Mom {thank you Mom}
The snow.  The wind howled all night long and the thunder! wow!

But when you have this waiting for you...

Bless us Lord

A cup of very very special hot cocoa!
This is made by Andrew, the cousin of my son's Fiance'.
He is a chef and actually is one of the designers of flavors
over at Black Dog Gelato.  This cocoa was so amazing!  A creamy, velvety,
rich, thick deliciousness! I guess they have hot cocoa there also...
so when you are in the City make sure you go there!!! Cold or hot they have you covered!
Unbelievable deliciousness!!!

SECRET Ingredients!!!  {my lips are sealed}


And look what I found in my cup!!!!

My Cocoa

links ~
Black Dog Gelato



koralee said...

Oh no you poor friend....we have had no snow...I don't even want to mention the word..SNOW!!! Sun today and so lovely...I will send you some of it my friend.

Stay cozy....xoxoxoxo

Love what you found in your cup!!!! xoxo

Auntie Bliss said...

a cross!!! How cute! Sell it on ebay? :) LOL.
We don't have snow either. It is windy and coooold anyway.

Sugar Bear said...

I see you did indeed get lots of snow! We have more coming on Saturday - ugh! Hot chocolate does indeed seem to make all better.