Friday, January 14, 2011

Take Me Out Tonight

The New Year has begun with all of us, including Doug, Monica, Caitlin and also James still being down with the cold/flu bug...
not exactly energizing but it is inspiring. Once one is FINALLY well again, we are talking weeks here, a grateful feeling washes
over you and you are ready to get out there and meet 2011.

So I begin 2011 AND the Valentines season (oh, yes there is a Valentine Season) with
a cute video and song that will inspire everyone wherever they are at *(notice the line "dust off...").

Hobbes also enjoyed many naps over Christmas and New Years... I once saw him emerging from the folds of a VERY
fluffy comforter that was on a sofa.
Any talking or movement  I make he interprets as  "she is going to feed me"," she knows I am HUNGRY for the third
time this morning!"  This guy will eat all day if you let him, but I will not let him. Must not let his cute face bother me,
nor his paw as he ever so gently taps my shoulder or arm.
Soo cute is he.



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Sugar Bear said...

Hope everyone is back on their feet really soon Mary!