Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello Dear Friends.  I am sorry,  I have been missing... all is fine.
I have been learning a lot on many fronts of life.
Yesterday I actually learned a new skill in the work shop!
It felt marvelous to not have to ask for help...
to be growing in my skills.

Let me tell you HOW HOT IT WAS yesterday!  Definatley not the day to be
working outside  {easier to clean up the mess outside}.
I actually had to bring in my material and electric tool to cool down inbetween tasks!

Dripping With Beauty
This is the window box outside of my kitchen window.  A few years ago we
waited an entire summer to get this delivered! 
Do you see the pretty little plant swag that I made? {above photo} The trailing vine
was hanging down pretty far so I decided to connect it to the middle pot and let
the remainder fall down the center. The other side is not as long yet so it is a bit
lopsided for the moment.


Petunias love the heat but with all of the rain I think they are a bit waterlogged.
I love the patterns in these flowers~ which is why I chose them. 
Next time I would include more solid shades of pink with them...
they seem to be a bit faint in color.
They still look lovely!

Back to my special project :)
Caitlin will be doing her own version of this special project so I made a few for her also.
I can not wait to get them done!  I especially cannot wait to see Caitlin's!!!

I know... a bit of a tease today, but really!  I love this product!!!

Thank you for visiting sweet friends!



Blissitydoodah said...

Hello there Mary!
I've missed you :)
I love that iron planter and the way you got your swag on LOL :)

Sugar Bear said...

Hey - what the heck are you working on over there? You keep teasing us :).

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary and how lovely to see you back here again. You have been missed.
Love your pretty petunias, and the swag. Over here, Petunias seem, to grow well, with our lack of rain and water over summer.
Sounds like a fun project you are working on and look forward to seeing what you are up to.

Happy week

Karin said...

Hey there!! Your petunias look great...I love that color. I never got around to planting mine this year.....

Alison said...

Mary how beautiful your petunias look

Stink Bone Jones said...

Wow, I love your petunias! I live in Florida and how funny, I can only start growing them in winter and by spring they are billowing over. By the end of May, they die
:( so it is neat to look at yours and that flower box must make you so happy to see!

The Rose Room said...

thanks Mary, it is a wonderful castle! Love the petunia's they always remind me of a time gone by, ladies dancing in their ball gowns! Rachaelxo

Glenys said...

Hey Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you like my drawings. Love the petunias. Great arrange ment too.

carla said...

Petunias are so cheerful!

Very pretty.