Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This rocker was painted a few years after we moved here.
An early piece of mine
My home looks so funny in this photo... you can see the wood
moldings that the builder put in before we moved in.   Now
every room has painted white moldings.  I still have the rug but
it is not down on the floor anywhere.  The curtains are just panels
I made for windows in our previous home that worked in this home. 
I can not even remember where I found this great rocker! I found
the fabrics and made new cushions and even new burlap strapping
that support the seat. I think this rocker is is in a vacation home in
Wisconsin now.

Here is another piece to to my little puzzle :)

Last puzzle piece tomorrow!

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Sugar Bear said...

The rocker is so cheerful and fun! Isn't it great to see old photos and realize how many changes have taken place?