Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time is whirling by! Thanksgiving was so lovely... a late evening dinner. We actually went shopping for gifts on Saturday! A first for us. When the kids were little we usually had all of the shopping done by Thanksgiving. It is easy to do when they are little ones. We also never go shopping on THE weekend. This year it was my husbands idea to go out... I can not say where to!!!
Do you have last minute cleaning, decorating, baking... fun busy things on your list? I have just heard the fastest violinist in the world, David Garrett. This guy combines classical with rock and it turns out lovely, energetic... a happy background for a fun and busy time of year. So if you need a little break from all of the wonderful Christmas music, listen ~~~~

I know this is a still shot video but I was going for the composition... to inspire us to get our list of "to do's" done.... it is short so get going!!!

With Kindness,


Sugar Bear said...

How did you get the shopping done when the kids were little? I'm finding it harder now that Chelsea is here because I can't do any marathon shopping days or go out after work.

Vickie said...

Shopping? Oh dear! I knew there was something I forgot, just kidding.

Blissitydoodah said...

Whoooee! He's a pretty boy isn't he :) And I love the music too!! Thanks Mary :) This kind of reminds me of the Manheim Steamroller music which I love. LOUD and festive!
Shopping is hard when you are a tightwad...but I'm coping ;)!!