Saturday, December 12, 2009

On THE trail of a great GIVE*AWAY! My daughter is in the new Kayte Terry book. To catch up and join in just hop over to Nice-etc.!
It is thrilling for her to be a part of one Kayte's books!

Caitlin also has some great new gift products that she has designed! Check out the new clocks. They are absolutely beautiful.

Where have I BEEN!? Right here in my humble abode working away... I have been busy this fall with several projects for a design firm, Truffles. LOVE her designs and her seamstress are AMAZING! I am hooping to have a wee tree trimming party for our family. Yes, we still have no decorations on the tree. Lights are all in place though!

While out for a tiny Gift shopping moment we happened upon some REINDEER!!!
MY very first reindeer sighting!!! They are such beautiful animals.

Ok, well, I really did see them and my husband took some photos of them with his phone but they will not load unto Flickr so... use your imagination.. just like we have been doing all of these years for Santa's Sleigh :) So sorry.
I hope to be back by Wednessday. WITH some kind of photos!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

How lovely that your daughter is in the new Kayte Terry book.
congratulations to her!
Lovely that you saw some reindeer ...
Santa must not be far away!


Blissitydoodah said...

Do you have a link to Truffles? What did you design? I wanna see!

So exciting for Caitlin :)

Creative Breathing said...

Happy New Year, Mary! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mary. May this new year be blessed!