Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Merci ~ NICE


I have returned... bearing gifts! Well, gifts for me! From Nice!
As many of you know that follow Merci-Notes, I have been helping Caitlin, {Nice} get ready for this years Renegade Craft Fair. She always thanks me. Last year she surprised me with a box of these~

Oh Merci~ Nice

My very first business cards. Caitlin designed them herself! Love them.
This year she gave me the OH SO CUTE vintage coin purse to carry the cards in!


As you can see in the above photos she also gave me a soft white leather journal,
which I shall use for drawings, and a beautiful towel that looks like it could be one of Kath Kidston's very own!!! I hope one day to have something that she designed.
The roses are from the dear sweet hubby who brought them to me this past Saturday, our anniversary, with a mini breakfast and a nice cup of cocoa, minus the whip, from Starbucks.
AND he had it set up on the patio!!! I love our patio and we have not been using it much this summer and he new this~ so this was also especially nice!

Back to Caitlin, she always gives me surprises gifts, like extremely cute tank tops or tops... She just gets them and gives them to me!!! However I still can be mad at her right now... You probably can figure out why! Guess, and I will let you know who is first to be correct.
not happy, sad.
*i think she owes me a complete redesign of my blog for this one!

Hugs, please give me one also!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing she never promoted you to chief letter cutter.

She'sSewPretty said...

How could you be mad at such a sweet daughter? LOL That towel is so pretty and it does look like something from Cath Kidston.

Anonymous said...

Lovely things. I love the cards.

Alison Gibbs said...

Beautiful gifts.

Katie said...

You couldn't be mad at her for posting a picture of you on her blog, could you? Both of you are darling! Wish I could have been to the fair this year -- maybe next year, when our historical soc'ty's fest doesn't coincide.

Love the darling gifties, too.


Alexis said...

She forgot to bring you with her to the fair?

Sugar Bear said...

Oh I see she posted a photo of you on her blog! Nothing to be angry for though - you look beautiful! The business cards are lovely. Definitely some of the nicest I have seen.

Merci-Notes said...

Someone, or two have guessed.
So, She certainly had us {Her Dad and I} at the fair... our Jeep fits most of her materials in it. You should see her booth, It was beautiful! Oh, she does not give me a photo to show you... but two of you are correct for she does have a photo of me. I thought we had an agreement not to show my mug ever... until I was ready... wonder when that would be??? hahaha
Thank You for playing and making something fun out of this... I am going to send you two something...


nice-etc.com / caitlin said...


Draffin Bears said...

Lovely post Mary ~ Happy Anniversary.
I love the new business cards, vintage purse and the white leather journal.
I was a little late to play along, but what fun.

Many thanks for visiting me.


tales from an oc cottage said...

What fabulous treats!!!

m ^..^

creative breathing said...

I love the elegant lightness of your blog! Catching up I recalled the dresser with paper. I tried this project with no luck at all with Mod Podge. My dresser remains white. Ah, the sea shell garden globe. Oh my goodness! Simply wonderful! Happy garland - yes it is. Summer weight t-shirt throw - pins galore! Very inspiring results! Time to leave, Oh Merci! Elizabeth

Merci-Notes said...

Oh My!
What a delightful and lovely note!!!
Oh Merci Elizabeth!!!
Hugs, Mary

sprichard music said...
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amy said...

HI! I was wondering where that beautiful blue/rose fabric came from! I want some! LOL!
And- your blog is beautiful!