Monday, August 17, 2009



A little happenstance. It seems that time for "fluffing" my home...
well, seems to be nil. So here is a table that was next to my bed,
still with the bedside items on it.

* Rosary from my Mom :)

* Painted rock form Caitlin {melt}

* Silver token with "#ONE MOM" stamped into it from Doug. {melt some more}

* Heart that I made many, many years ago~ One for each of us, 4 all together, this one out of damask scraps, tattered a bit through love. Love is like that.

* Coco Chanel perfume ~ my Mom wore Chanel #5 while I grew up and she would let me use some once in awhile :)

* Tag from a special sweater Caitlin gave me from Anthropologie.

* Clock that reminds me of my first digital clock from my Grandma, as I went off to college.

* Lamp that Caitlin and I found.

Oh, the table itself was a find with my husband at a Flea Market... some time ago. You can see it on Caitlin's blog and her etsy shop as a prop.... yep, that is what happens to my house. All of our tastes mingle but we all have exciting little differences that makes all a delight of life.

Do You have special little happenstances in your home?



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

I loved seeing what was on your bed side table.
All lovely things and a beautiful photo.

Enjoy your week

amyelisedesigns said...

I had to peek from Karla's blog and love your post! I have little gifts from my kids and sentimental items on my night stand too! So sweet to share your priceless things! Amy :)

Natasha Burns said...

I love this post Mary! That rock is so gorgeous, I have a rock right in front of me right by the computer screen with a squiggled smily face on it. Things like that are so priceless aren't they?

Merci-Notes said...

Say Natasha,
Love your new icon!
I agree with all of you~
priceless are the gifts and time form our children!


Angela said...

LOVE what you have next to your bed. It looks nothing like my utilitarian bedside table: alarm clock, one or two books, glass of water, hand lotion etc. Yours is much more elegant! :)