Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey! I Like Your Sweater! :)

Today is Friday The Thirteenth! I thought I was in a time warp, confused at the least... Did we not just have a Friday the Thirteenth!? Yes we did. In fact we still have yet another to get to this year! That is right,. This year of 2009 will have Three of them. Hmmm. How do you feel about that? In Paris, France there are "guests" that you can actually hire for your dinner party to insure that there will not be 13 guests!

Sooo to Brighten your weekend and not to mention, Friday the thirteenth AND not to mention the fact that the world could use some great news... I have a very special to my heart YouTube video for you. It reminds me of my Dad, who was a very kind and thoughtful man.

Their must be two pretty proud Moms out there! Say, do you know of someone like this? Or...
Maybe you can start your own little campaign! Let me know if you do.


p.s. as i send the youtube link to a couple of nephews, I realize that I am a very lucky mom.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mary,

What a lovely way to brighten up peoples day and it is good to see these two guy doing this.

I hope that your Friday 13th is a good day.

Have a happy weekend

Sugar Bear said...

That is awesome Mary! I'm going to share that with some of the folks at my university. Things are cooking along here. No baby news yet! Hope you are well.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

What a blessing those guys are. Everyone brightens up with a compliment. Thank you for sharing that.

Stink Bone Jones said...

Friday the 13th came and went without me even knowing it was here. How that happened, I'm not sure. I can't wait to see what beautiful flowers are to come in your gorgeous yard.

Jaala said...

Thanks for this post! How awesome! i am reading it a little after Friday the 13th, but I am so happy I read it today. I needed it. Thank you so much for your blog! I love it... it brightens my life!


Sassy said...

This was great....I love seeing that there are some truly kind people still in this ol' world...what a treat for Purdue...young men trying to make the world a better place...thanks for sharing this.

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ShabbyInTheCity said...

What a cute idea and video!!!

Mary, I answered your last email...I didn't know you had the "c" word...and your sister as well? I feel bad and sad and I'm praying for you! Write me!