Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Walking In A Winter Wonderland"


Today is the day!
You waited sooo patiently while I worked away like a little elf. A lot of love has been filled into each of these homes and packed into Santa's sleigh. I took a lot of care in designing and hand creating these pieces and I hope that you fall in love with each of these soon to be family heirlooms.


1) “Comfort And Joy”
Just outside of town, nestled in the countryside sits a cozy church ready and welcoming 'Comfort and Joy'. Oh, I hear the church bells ringing now! Every bit of this sweet little church has been lovingly made by me for you! I've adorned this building with Faux stained glass windows, a quaint bay window, “stone” work detail, arched windows and a beautiful round tower that holds a golden bell which actually rings. This will definitely become a family heirloom.
12” long X 8”wide X 13”high


PA310006_new PA310013_new


2)” Let It Snow”
“The weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful...”
But there is a place to go- Let your eye scurry past the Christmas tree and up the front stairs to the welcoming front porch. Then, let your mind dream over the cute deer in the front yard. Everyone's cozy with Christmas cheer inside this little home.…"let it snow, let it snow, let it snow".
This home was dreamed up with an amalgamation of friends and homes that I love in mind. A bay window, covered porch,,a chimney,shutters,sparkling snow, and custom trees and wreaths! Has snow ever looked so welcoming!
11” long X 9” wide X 8.5” high


PA310019_new PA310023_new

3) “Christmas Time In The City”
The city is all a hustle and a bustle with winter’s finery on display. The snow has fallen softly over the rooftops and trees are iced with sparkling snowflakes. The home has been dressed in the finest holiday trims, ready to delight each passerby and greet loved ones for holiday festivities.
This home is packed with details’s Christmas time in the city!
This was the first Christmas home I designed for this year. A townhome/brownstone sitting ready to welcome in holiday cheer. Three levels of windows and a nice welcoming stoop at front door. This home is crowned with pretty roof details.
Holiday cheer surrounds this home from the custom Christmas trees and wreaths to the golden garland drapped around the top. Do not forget to check out the back porch :)
8’ wide X 12’ long X 13” high


IMG_0818_new IMG_0794_new

4) Santa Claus' Sleigh
Santa is ready for his world tour!
From the hand embroidered blue snowflakes on his coat to his adorned sleigh packed with Christmas goodies. Santa is ready for his special flight with a beautiful, strong reindeer. This was great fun to design for you!
“Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!!!”


IMG_0808_new IMG_0810_new

"Have yourself a Merry little Christmas"... just follow these few steps to Pre-Order
1) E-mail me @ with the name of each piece that you would
Shipping is $10 per building and $7 for Santa's Sleigh, each shipped separately.
2) I am ready to make 15 buildings... what ever the combination that is desired by all
of you. :) AND at this time 3 Santa Claus' Sleigh.

Ho~Ho~Ho~ Have fun and Thank You!



Karin said...

oh Mary!! They are all so beautiful! I love the way you have them all displayed!

jenny holiday said...

You Toootally tooootally AMAZE!! I am just blown away!!! They are all DREAM like!! Just so so so wonderful!! Amazing work!!!!! So so cozy and sweet!! They are truly PERFECT!!!!!!

You have gotten this holiday season started off on the sweetest track possible!!!

Luv ya!!!!!
xoxo Jenny

Aaron says...."WOOOWWWWWWW" :)

jenny holiday said...

I'm usually an over-the-shoulder-observer of blogs...but after seeing these magical houses I just had to kick Jenny outta her chair and leave a comment myself. These are the best thing I've seen in a long time! The "pinkstone" is amazing. I love how the back stairs go to the side...I can imagine being down in that basement, looking out the window and watching snowy boots tromp up those steps. These are so special. I've always been such a fan of miniatures...they are the ultimate in escapism. When times are rough and days are blue you can just stare at these little worlds you've created and dream. Thanks for making these! They are perfect!

jenny holiday said...

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that it's Aaron (Holiday)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Well I will certainly "ditto" what the others have said...these are just gorgeous! So sorry I can't invest at this time but I'm sure you won't have a problem getting them lovingly adopted!
I love all the details and thinking about you having such fun making them :)

Lilli said...

Wowza, Mary! Gasp! Such gorgeousity. You must've had so much fun making those!

Thanks for stopping in to say Hi, and thanks for the great link. I'm envious of you being able to ride with no hands......and the video makes me want to tie a ribbon or two onto my bike

Have a great week!

Sugar Bear said...

Mary! They are absolutely stunning! I knew you were whipping up something delightful and you certainly did not disappoint!

countrygirl3031 said...

Oh Mary ~ they are toooo beautiful. You are so very talented and creative!


Anonymous said...

They are all sweet! My goodness the work and the creativity blow me away. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. I visited the site you recommended. It was great. I'm still hanging in there. Anyway, love your treasures.

Anonymous said...

They are all sweet! My goodness the work and the creativity blow me away. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. I visited the site you recommended. It was great. I'm still hanging in there. Anyway, love your treasures.

Breathing Beside Us said...

Such a beautiful blog!

Shanae said...

You are so incredibly talented! Your houses and sleigh are beautiful! I am amazed at all the little details you've put in.

She'sSewPretty said...

Mary! Those are absolutely gorgeous! You've outdone yourself!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I found the right broadcasts but I love listening to many of the broadcasts. Some made me smile and some caused me to stop and think. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I do like him so much!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Come play Mary :)

Jean Knee said...

what a beautiful WINTER wONDERLAND

Sweetina said...

Oh Mary! This entire Christmas Scene is truly a feast for the eyes! Do you make the buildings from "scratch" also? You are an amazing artist (and architect!).
I could look at these gorgeous photos all night~
Thank you so much for sharing!

MichellesCharmWorld said...

HOly Fabulous! I love them allll!!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Mary! Your newest creations are simply stunning! I'd love to live in that pink brownstone!! Your displaying of them is just perfect, too!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Rosemary said...

All very pretty and foofy!!
Love them,

Andrea said...

Your sweet village looks AMAZING! Just it...WOW...can you tell I love'em :o)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Mary, your work is absolutly amazing!!! I love your new christmas houses and you have such an eye for detail.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! xoxo Heather

Stink Bone Jones said...

My GOODNESS are these gorgeous!!!!!!! What time it must have taken to make such intricate little houses and such. I just ADORE them!

best regards,

Andrea said...

Thanks Mary, for the great idea with the wings!

Natasha Burns said...

Wowzers Mary your homes and displays are totally incredible! Seriously the prettiest I have ever seen!!!! ox

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello Mary! To answer your ?' we are not near Covington, Ky. but way down on the Tn. border (our backyard only is in Tn. :)
And the cookies don't taste like divinity but like hard meringue! Hope you try them :)

Sweetina said...

I'm back to visit your WinterWonderland again! Honestly the most beautiful houses I've ever laid eyes on.
You could even take photos of the scenes and sell them as cards.
If i were in a better finacial situation I would buy the entire lot!
If I ever win The Powerball~I'll be begging you to design a human size one to live in!

Carol said...

Hi there Miss Mary!

I'm just checking in and hope you're fine! I love your beautiful winter village, but I told you that on flickr before.
Have a great time up to Christmas
Warmest wishes form Boxwood Cottage sends you
Carola xox

Susiebelle said...

Hello Mary,

I "set up" Christmas last weekend, and my amazing little santa's sleigh is right at home in my first all pastel christmas! The detail is perfection. I have him atop my favorite aqua milkglass cake pedestal. Thank you! I also put your sweet tag on my tree. Merci indeed! Happy Holidays!

Priscila said... it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...need to get me some.......

creative breathing said...

Dear Mary, You are one of the "Pink Girls" along with holiday_jenny! Your creations for the holidays are absolutly wonderful. The elf in the sled is my favorite! Thank you for visiting my blog today. All of my stories are 100% true. Amazing people have graced my life. Each story reveals a little more of my life's journey. Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Thank goodness for Coach bags! Elizabeth