Thursday, October 23, 2008

The View from My Room...

View from a room

This is my view for a few weeks now. When I was helping Caitlin I at least was able to get out of doors! I have been VERY busy, working very diligently on Christmas items. I am behind... well, I would be making Christmas collections now no matter what. I have been known to make them up until Christmas eve, when they are for my own family! Christmas is so very special!
While getting the mail yesterday a friend was driving by and she stopped for a moment to laugh about various projects around our homes. She also informed me that NEXT WEEK is HALLOWEEN!!! "NO" I responded, "you MUST be wrong!" "Please!" As much as she wished I were right, she informed me that it was true! Cute little Trick~or Treaters will be arriving at my door step next Friday.
We moved here, to Chicago, quit a number of year ago now. Our Children were thrilled to move. One reason was that it was
Halloween weekend and this area had a potential for a long and prosperous trick~or~treat evening. But come the day, while we were out getting some necessities, we noticed "strange" little people out roaming around the streets! Now mind you this was at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon! What was going on? It could not be time to send out the munchkins, could it!!!? It WAS! They start early here. We were used to 6p.m. until 7~8p.m. We hurried up into our new home and you should see how fast kids can change when needed!!! They were off with their Dad to conquer new territory!
Now my young people help to hand out the treats... well, we all rush to the door to see which cute little gobblin we can recognize!
I will be back before Halloween. I wll have wonderful things to share with you too! :)



Sugar Bear said...

I'm so impressed with your committment to get those Christmas items done!

Bristol said...

What a perfect view~ you sound very busy. Enjoyed stopping by!

Stink Bone Jones said...

Your view is incredible! Inspiring! Loved your little Halloween story. It's big in our neighboorhood too.

Can't wait to see your Christmas items. Please take pictures because I always love what you make!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Mary! Your grass is greener than ours! We have not had any rain this summer.
Those little trick-or-treaters are just so cute aren't they? We had a wee one that used to she is grown and might think she has eaten way too much candy over the years LOL!
I forgot to show what I got from you...but I will soon!