Thursday, October 9, 2008

Petit Ballerina

Petite Ballerina

The fall weather is quit beautiful today! The sun is out against a beautiful blue sky and the leaves are showing a blush of pink, orange and yellow. Lovely. I also enjoy fall for the cozy reflective quality it gives to me.

The above petit ballerina I actually made a number of years ago! Hmm, like perhaps 1995 ish!!! I had another one but it is not wiht me any longer. She was a kind of "hobble skirt" gal with a cute hat also from that era. I hope to get some little figures made yet this fall.

For now, I am finalizing two great, if I may say so myself, new Christmas houses! I was at the "I hate it" stage a few days ago, but thankfully, have now moved onto the "I love it" portion of the project. I will show photos as soon as I can.


So I will keep you "posted" hehehe.



Inspired Tokens said...

I love the 'petit ballerina'! I can't wait to see more of what you've been up to! It's been hard to get around blogland these days with little ones underfoot!

PS ...I adore the new issue of Somerset Life ...imagine my delight when I saw it on the bookshelf at our local B&N.

Sweetina said...

Your little ballerina is so amazing! And pinky sweet!
You are so right about Fall and feeing Reflective~thought it was just me! Thank you!
Look forward to see your Christmas Houses~I know they'll be devine!
Lovely post and blog~