Saturday, September 27, 2008

Now Introducing~


Yes, my Son, Douglas. Intelligent, smart, funny and fun, caring, compassionate, giving and talented in many fields! Above is one of my favorite photos of his! I love it and THE only reason I would dream of telling you how YOU can get this photo is that he can make another one for me! :)

This photo represents one more facet of his style. another favorite of mine are his night shots which also include industrial locations. You can see and purchase his work at Doug Holcomb.

Doug was asked by his boss to take photos of real estate that they were conducting business on and they eveloved into being used for his new website, Schramko Real Estate If you are wanting to delvelope or purchase real estate in the Chicago market, Chris is the one to see. An excellent businessman in a tough field. He is the best!

So I have more great news coming!



Karin said...

Wow! He does beautiful work, Mary! Love the picture of the flower. And I love urban shots too....

lulusparkles said...

lovely! i added one of his photographs to my faves list!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

GORGEOUS! I want to lay down and rest in that flower!
Tell Doug that photo with the tourists...the guy I'd describe as 'rockabilly' :)