Friday, August 1, 2008

What Has Mary Been Doing!?

A sneek peek

Yes, I have been very busy working on a project for a friend that needs to get done. The above photo is a sneak peek of it... a three tier, two drawer wall shelf. I will show you the finished project next week after I deliver it to her. Well, it is actually for her mom :)
For this project I used a decoupage technique for the stripes on the drawer. I wanted to use ribbon but that may fray and I wanted something more than paint.

So that is the peek for now!
See you later!


Sugar Bear said...

Always a teaser with these sneak peeks!

Rosemary said...

Love it so far Mary!

Meg said...

Mary, it looks beautiful so far! I am SO excited for Thursday!!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks very interesting. Love the pattern on the face. The pincushions are ultra cute too!