Friday, July 18, 2008



These flowers are Guaranteed to bloom! :) No harsh winters and cold springs will affect these beauties. I was very lucky to get these a few weeks ago from Phyllis She made the beautiful tags and stickers from one of her photos! Sorry girls, I did get the last one... but she is contemplating other seasonal photos, so let her know if you want some :) I am actually going to use mine, well, I think I am. I do have a problem with holding on to special things... my Mom and sisters know this. Oh, I do not have a problem getting rid of things. No, I Love doing that, but special things are a problem to USE, or use up! Well, I do believe that is what things are for... to be used as intended or creatively, not just safely tucked away!

Here are some fun flower photos for your little ones! Balloon flowers!

Up, Up and Away!

I tried to take the photo so as to resemble the hot air balloons.
See how they are being "blown up" as they grow.


The closer they get to blooming, the more blue (in this case blue for they are blue balloon flowers) they become, until they burst fourth to the summer sun and moon!

Ballon Flower

This day lily came from a discount chain. I have had it a number of years. It has a heavenly scent and is a soft pinky/peach shade.

Pretty Lilly

These are "Sweet Sunshine Nostalgia", Petunias. Annuals with a lovely scent also! These are quite beautiful in person. Definitely worth getting for they put on a good show also! Can you see the variegated petals?


Now for Indian Summer Hollyhocks. Finally have a bloom!!! Later in the day this bloom turned a bit more pink AND another bud opened! Sorry no picks at the moment. I was hoping for more blooms...this is actually two planted together and a third in another blooms. I used to have good luck with Hollyhocks. so much so that while away on a short vacation my neighbor brought her friend over to view them and she loved them so much that she found a few seed pods to have. This is called "RUSTLING". I learned the term many moons ago on a garden show, where the host decided he needed to "demonstrate" this process! hahaha


I call this my hubbies window box. Not because he tends it, but because he HAD to have it! Really! It took An entire summer, summer of 2002 when overseas shipments were delayed at ports. I just wanted a classic white, with molding, window box.
Our patio set is like this, he picked that out too, and he likes things to really match. It looks nice for the contrast against the white. Our house is not Spainish, Carribean nor Italian. It is a white colonial...with a Modern inside :) Oh yea, he also put the new window in and built the surround for it...the other needed replacing . so he had a lot of stock in this project. I plant it and tend it and like to know that he like the plant choices. As long as it is planted he is happy. Works for me:)

one and only flower box

OOO, I see I forgot to finish watering the right end pots of petunias. I do seem to be Petunia happy this year!

I am leaving you with another photo especially for the kids! What does this look like to you!? Not just what type of plant, but does the photo of this plant look like anything to you? What does my favorite CEO think???

What is this!???

Well, I have always liked sharing my garden with my children as well as my friends children. Lambs ears, and herbs especially get their interest. Don't rule out any future gardeners!


P.S. if anyone knows why one of my photos has a grey box over it I am all ears. I have reloaded the photo to blogger. I am having intense delays with my server today!?
Hope all is well with all of you!:)


Stink Bone Jones said...

I am just bedazzled by the flowers on your blog! Just Gorgeous! I wish flowers grew all summer like that in Florida but the heat just eats them up.

Thanks for all of the uplifting comments on my blog. Whenever I get such positive comments, it inspires me to create more.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes! Bedazzled! I still love to pet Lamb's Ears...what does that say about me LOL?
Just came in from camp with 10 teenagers!!! No sleep! Happy as I can be though :)
Hey...lets put some flowers on a copy machine and see what we get :) Wonder what a thin slice of an orange or lemon would do? Maybe dry it first in a windowsill or something?

Lorrie said...

Such pretty garden flowers! Lambs ears are definitely strokable. So soft.
Those tags and stickers are gorgeous. I know what you mean about having a hard time using up pretty stuff.


speed felt said...

Thanks for blogging about this and looking forward to reading more on your site. I like your collection of flowers it is very beautiful.