Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home By the Sea

Home By The Sea

Lake Michigan was my sea, my ocean while I grew up. I love, still to this day this big sandy, dune surrounded wonder. The trips up the dunes and the great, I mean really great trips down the dunes, it was like flying! With the lake spread out in front of us, waiting for another dip.

This a.m. I turned on the radio and heard the end of a sermon, I guess you would say. The last point he finished up with brought back the Lake for me as well as many other thoughts. Here is his story, Paraphrasing:

This minister grew up with his family taking trips to Oceanside, California every year. The trip to the shore, a walk from their cottage. Timing was critical for not only did the tide bring in beautiful treasures, but also dangerous items such as broken shells and jelly fish...Ouch!!! So, now as a father he is bring his family to the shore. He has coached them in the perils of the freshly exposed shore. True to his own nature, he, a fast walker is forging ahead of everyone. As he becomes engrossed in his thoughts he hears the heavy breathing of someone catching up to him. He turns and sees his son trying his best to walk in his fathers footprints left on the sand. This, the young boy felt, would assure him of a safe path, for his father knows where to and where not to step.

I love this! What a beautiful picture of parenting this minister gives us. We, as parents do leave footprints behind us everyday. God day or bad day, they are there. How we respond to our good days as well as those bad days will give our precious children a guide.

I am working very hard on several projects, one of which is especially for YOU!
Yes, I am getting organized for a very special celebration for the "Merci-notes" blog!
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ShabbyInTheCity said...

And in the same way we are to follow our heavenly Father! What a great illustration Mary :)
I have always been jealous of people who got to grow up by the ocean!

Shanae said...

That is such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it! I can't wait to share it with my family!