Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Freshening the Laundry Room

Ahhh. I have always loved the smell of fresh laundry. I loved how my mom made up our beds on laundry day and the wonderful fresh smell and feel of the sheets as I slipped into them at bedtime. And now, It is a ritual I love to perform for my family.

The following are photos of my tiny laundry room/ passage to the garage. I have loved having the laundry on the main floor. The room is small, but the job of transforming jeans, shirts, sheets,towels, etc. into clean and fresh pieces for my family is easily accomplished within these walls.

Here is the view from the hallway:

Washer/dryer and cupboards to the left of me, wall to the right

The washer and dryer are there on the left, along with my NEW laundry sink AND faucet!

New laundry sink and faucet!

We went looking for faucets over the weekend and were not willing to put in a $200+ price tag. We wanted a decent price on a faucet with some type of spray ability. At one store we were given some excellent assistance! We were directed to a display in the middle of the aisle that we did not even see as we wrenched our necks up to see the displays on the wall. A model with ALL of the features we wanted plus MORE! There is literally only ONE mounting on the sink! The faucet holds the sprayer, water temp and on/off control bar! OH ya, brass and metal, NO plastic. The price with tax did not even reach $50!!! (home depot).
Oh, it is also in the finish that the hubby wanted... brushed nickel I believe.

I used the sink for the first time yesterday. I needed to clean out the paint tray and it was very different cleaning up in such a pristine sink!


The rug is the old regime.. about to be retired. I can hardly wait to lay the new rug! Yes, I have it already, for several years now!


Wait till you can see the new floor! We were so blessed to be given a great deal on travertine stone. I must admit that I have loved travertine for some time. However I also love REAL linoleum flooring... IN WHITE of coarse :). I thought a very practical material for such a location. But we went with the stone which will hold up also.

This hangs on my door to the garage.

My Prayer
It is my prayer for this home. Our home, which actually is made up of the four of us, but the actual physical home was brand new when we moved into it. We are the very first family to ever live here. I consider it an honor. I have always wanted this home filled with love so that when we move on to our next home, we will leave behind a home still filled with love and laughter... waiting to great and wrap the new family.
I wish this for all of us. No matter were we find our home to be or how old or young it is.

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