Friday, January 18, 2008

Courrier Magnifique

Magnificent mail!!! I treated myself! I think you will agree that I chose well!
The first is from the amazing creative team of Jenny and Aaron!


Look at the details!


I am sure you can see why I have decided to keep this up for a little while longer!!! This reminds me of being outside after dinner when I was a little girl. I loved the way the snow would sparkle at night. I remember thinking that the snow looked like diamonds. It was so quiet and peaceful! Well! This memory is captured so well in Jenny and Aaron's piece.

I also recently gave myself a treat by ordering from the fabulously talented Karin!


I LOVE IT! It is so beautifully delicate! She has skillfully placed vintage flocked wallpaper and regular vintage wallpaper (although there is nothing regular about this paper) around the face of the frame. She then puts the "Icing on the Cake"! A beautiful corsage of white flowers and velvet ribbon forming the base for the message "believe". Oh it is so beautiful... sweet, romantic and feminine yet grown up! Parfait!!!

Now look at this!


This also came from Karen as a gift!!!! I fell in love with her ornaments that she made this past Christmas. But I was not able to get on the internet much at all and visit all of you so I missed out on her ornaments. Gone! They were wooshed away to bring beaute` to others. She "found" one somehow and here it is in my home!!! I am going to keep this up for a time longer also!


Vickie said...

Just lovely. They are all so talented.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Vickie!
Yes I definately agree that they are so talented! As well as you are!!!
See you soon!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love it all!!! That frame is SO beautiful and I always love Jenny's creations! Love your amazing vintage ornament wreath, too!!

Monica said...

great stuff!
I love the frame from Karin , so pretty! I too have one of her snowflakes they are devine!

Kim said...

Such lovely things. Kim

Sugar Bear said...

Oh you really got some wonderful things there Mary! They are all so beautiful. I love the soft color palettes.

Stephanie said...

Hi Mary! I just love your new pretty green wreath & that adorable star that Jenny & Aaron made! I've been wanting one of those, too!

I still have my little pink church on display, blogged about it again today!! Just can't put it away! :0)

Angelic Accents

Merci-Notes said...

I think that you can still find one at her etsy shop. She also has the ebay store also : )
Karin's beautiful snowflakes may be more difficult to score! I got very, very lucky!!! Thank You Karin!!!

Natalea said...

Mary, what wonderful treats! beautiful!
xo natalea

Rosemary said...

I see why you love them. They are all beautiful.
Thanks for sharing your pretties with us.

Cindy Roberts said...

Beautiful! Makes me take deep breaths!

I love your banner, too! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Yes, with my first son, I vowed never to have toy guns in our home. Yet, somehow, guns were made from legos, forks and clay! By the time my 4th child arrived, my vow went out the window! If only army men were pink, all would be well in my pink house! Cindy

lulusparkles said...

hello,lovely treasures. i own some pretties from jenny & aaron-they are quite a duo! I would love to look at Karins work but the link is not working for me.
help :)