Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Walking In A Winter Wonderland"!

Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Oh Thank You so much for waiting- for such a long time! I have finished most of the Christmas line for this year. I will have wreaths soon and a surprise vintage style angel line! The Angels will be added by Friday, maybe even tonight!
I have missed you all sooo much. I know that I have said that so many times this fall, I truly have missed you. Life happens and lemonade must be made..with a lot of sugar somteimes, if you know what I mean! hahaha.
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

These bonons de petit are my new version of the larger ones that I designed previously.

Snowy neighborhood

I design all of my buildings and have brought the Church and cottage plan back from last year. I have decorated the cottages a little differently this year... just as we make changes in our own holiday decor.

"Christmas Bells are Ringing"

The petit churches are also my design. Last year I made them for gifts for my neighbors and my sisters. This year I make them available to all!

The Bells are Ringing

All of the Churches have petit metal bells that actually RING!

"Silent Night"

Last year I wanted to give some sort of message with my churches. Some how "Faith, Hope and Love" came to me. On each church these words you will see.

Faith, Hope and Love
I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to. If you want to see more visit me here.
Now I will be visiting YOU more and more~ hurray!!!


ArtsyMama said...

Swoon...these are GORGEOUS! I can attest to that, since I have one gracing my tree. Lovely work!!!

Monica said...

oh truly a winter wonderland!
You have been a busy artiste! Love all your stuff!

Alison Gibbs said...

These are just tooo.. yummy. You are so talented.

Meg said...

absolutely beautiful, as always, Mary!! I feel so lucky to have your beautiful church and cottage in my home.

P.S. I just had a glass top made for my's ready for action!!

Stephanie said...

Mary, so well worth the wait! Can't wait to get my pink church!!

Can you tell me about the mirrored antique all these lovelies are sitting on? It looks beautiful ~ would love to see a pic of the entire piece & hear all about it!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Sugar Bear said...

Gorgeous, yummy, lovely - can't say enough! I'm honored to have one of the litte guys in my home. You know, I never thought about giving my neighbors a gift - a great idea!

Rosemary said...

So cute Mary!!
You are so clever.

Retroboutiques said...

How gorgeous! It was worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

I love your houses. They are adorable. The size is great and the colors too.

Karin (creativechaos) said...

So Beautiful!!!! I love all of them on the cake display.....

Sherri @ said...

WOW! I just "stumbled" upon your Blog, and I think I am in Heaven! What beautiful and sparkly cottages and little angels....I must grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile...I will visit you again -
You are a fabulous artist!
xo Sherri @ Antique Paperie

Merci-Notes said...

Thank You Sherri!
I am very happy that you like them!
With Kindness,

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my! How beautiful! I love all the goodies you have here! Thank you for sharing your home with us all!
Southern Lady's Vintage

Stink Bone Jones said...

I LOVE your blog and I am going to link it from mine. I have hearted your shop! Those churches are so beautiful!

Jen said...

Soooo beautiful! I just finished my own village...I am so sad...if I would've seen yours first I would've definately bought yours!! Love yours even better. You're amazing!

Jaynet said...

Oh Oh....I just came upon your blog...I'm new to this...just want to say, "Why it's just so beautiful...just beautiful!" Could you please do a small tutorial on the houses? Pretty please? If already...sorry that I asked...I have not yet looked, my laptop is running out of juice. But will be back...cause your site is mesmerizing!

trez said...

cute little house huh..i like your stuff so much, i cant wait to have one of're very creative and thoughts