Friday, August 3, 2007

America The Beautiful

Second urn of bounty

These are the urns on our front porch. Why do I show you??? Because it was the best group of plants I have ever bought!!! I spent only $4 an urn!!! I have three different types of plants I bought and added the trailing vine thing. I wintered the vine over because I found out last year that it was a perennial here. So why throw it out and buy it again next year. It really spreads if you do not get to your gardening in the spring.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

This is a Sweet Autumn Clematis vine. I used to have it's brother on the other pillar and they would meet in the middle up on top. a chipmunk got to it's roots. This vine gets petite hite flowers on it in the fall. It is very unrully and this may be it's last year. I do not think I can even give it away! (I think this is the vine that Jack climbed up to find the golden egg...hummm maybe I better keep it!

lonely urn

This is the lonely urn in the front bed...which I have not gotten to YET! The ground has to be re-graded. The Hubby is not looking forward to this because of the ground cover which will be going back in. I a have come to see also that he does not like the whole plan. Thus he is dragging his feet... I am going for a European, clean front bed, kind of. A little bit French maybe. It will work out because it just gives me more time to get the plan right (perfect) .
Oh Yea. this uen cost a very pretty penny...I mean the plants! Outrageous! I am trying to be smart about my plant buying and lower that budget amount. Spring comes and I go crazy. I did very well this year except for these plants and the pedastal the urn sits on.
So... I am so grateful for :
This home, traditional on the outside and filled with fun, light, and an open plan on the inside
great deals on plants
pets and their unconditional love
getting to see family and friends
sharing a meal
Appreciating Gods presence more
Have a beautiful weekend! I may be back tomorrow.



cd&m said...

These are so incredibly pretty and I've just been looking at your charm bracelets - love them.

Rosemary said...

Love your flowers and urns.
Very French!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Lori said...

Awe, please give that beautiful kitty a hug from me way over in Indians! Such a precious little face! Love ya kitty, Lori

dede warren said...

sweet mary, how does your garden grow?! smashingly successful, i dare say! your GrOw girl! and that cute, sweet cat aint't half bad either. your house really is a very, very, very fine house.

TGIF, dede

Jill said...

Beautiful!!! And that sweet kitty... perfectly precious!
Meow meow...

Michele said...

Mary, I love your blog, just so much to look at. Your urns are so pretty with the florals. I just saw your post on my site, asking if I would like any of your seeds. I would love them. Your peonies are beautiful! The picture of them looks like it should be in a magazine. I am adding your blog to my favorites, I just don't want to miss a thing.
Thanks so much for sharing your blog.

Stephanie said...

Beautifully filled urns! But I really covet that little lamb on the porch! AND the real kitty in the window! :0)

When oh when are you going to make some more of those pretty little chandys?

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