Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mon Progre`s

A glimpse at some collage work...

B'eb'e Lamb


Jewelry getting ready to ship out...


Progr`es Sur Les Petits Chandeliers Les Petit Chandeliers

AND Les Petit Chandeliers Progr`es! I make every little chain and flower...the whole kit and caboodle! This is not good for the eyes!
So I have been very busy! I did get to go to the movies..the hubby wanted to see Bourne Ultimatum. Very action you may not realize the violence! I do like the "Bourne" Series. AND we rented for Sunday night MRS. POTTER!!! Oh I loved this movie. It is a beautiful story/account ...I loved it. It was very inspiring!
OK! So, I am still here...but now back to work! Love my new space...especially when I get all the orders done and I can organize it a tad bettter : ) Have a cool Wednesday....did you know that there was a tornado warning in Manhattan this a.m.?!


Tammy said...

Mary, mary! Love the necklaces!! How can I buy one?! xoxo

dede warren said...

morning mary,

i hope you'll share photo's of your sweet space. i find it amazing that you have carved out this little space. oh, and that blue chair is perfection! enjoy your day.


She'sSewPretty said...

You made the tiny chandeliers??? They're so cute!! Did you try out the marker on the chandelier prisms? Everything looks so pretty!

Rosemary said...

Hi Mary,
Love what you are working on. So cute. Don't work too hard though.
I did not hear about the tornado warning in Manhattan. How weird.
Have a great day!

Sugar Bear said...

You must post some more photos of that jewelry! And the chandeliers are just beautiful! Are those going to be in Etsy?

lulusparkles said...

wowsa! I have been dreaming of your little chandeliers since you first showed them....are they for sale? say yes,say yes ;)

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

love these! are the sweet little chandeliers for club little house??? soooo cute!

Stephanie said...

Mary, I LOVE your post! So glad to see the little chandeliers are coming along! Can't wait for mine. Not sure if I want pink crystals or just clear ones....maybe both!! :0) Do you have a pic you can email me with a closeup of the colored ones & the pricing? I'm so excited!! I'm all about the lighting, ya know?!?!

Angelic Accents

tricia stirling said...

well it's good for MY eyes! so pretty!

jenny holiday said...

Ohhhhh myyyy!!! These itty bitty lovelies are killing me!!! How do I own one?? They are just the most adorable things ever!! yes..please email me with the particulars!! : )

Cannot wait to see your new space all merchandised!! Surely dazzling!!

Yep..there was a tornado in Brooklyn!! Lots of damage..but no one hurt..thank goodness!!

xoxo Jenny

Sweet Remembrance said...

You have been a busy girl...the collage looks so wonderful, love the colors! The chandeliers are to die them!

Linda said...

I just read a post Lake Michigan. My sister moved to Petoskey last Sept. from FL. I visited in January 2007, it was beautiful then and can't wait to return. I live in Seattle, grew up near Pontiac MI. I love your necklances they are beautiful.