Friday, August 31, 2007

The Basement Press and Nice

The Basement Press is my son Doug's blog where he concentrates on Silkscreening. Now he is doing his second printing for Nice, Caitlin's creations. Doug is helping her with the labels on the back of her plaques and paintings. I love how they work together. Each of them is very talented and willing to give to the other. ahh... A nice mom moment.

I better tell you that DOUG took THE PHOTOS! Yep, the boy just keeps showing off all kinds of talents. If you go to Nice-etc you can see another picture AND read all about Caitlin's NEWS : ) I am VERY excited about two new products that Caitlin is making! THe first is a new Deer Plaque design and the second is a GRRRReeeaAT NEW PRODUCT!!! I love them both. Hmmm, what is that? Show you? Naw, can't do that!!! Not YET!!! But as soon as I can YOU KNOW that this proud MOm will give you a peek!
Doug has not had the time to update his blog! But he does have a flickr account now. : )
See you for a great grilling tip tomorrow morning! UMMM good.


Rosemary said...

How nice to have such a talented son!!
Can't wait for the grilling tip.

Anonymous said...

Talent children and a proud mom, yay!!