Monday, July 16, 2007

More Mail!

Special Delivery from Jenny!

Can you believe the beauty of the tags that Jenny sent to me in our swap!!! Well, first, look at the beauty and attention to detail that she pays in her packing! A beautifu pink feather! A tag AND Note! The note card is actually one from Heather that Jenny sent a note on : )

Now, more beauty~


Each and every tag is special!

Let's Eat!

I like to call this "Let's EAT"! Of coarse she used recipe paper...IN A NEW WAY! She used it as a ruffle at the bottom of the tag. I love this idea!

Next we have~


~ Three Friends!
They are really playing it up for the camera! The wall paper she used reminds me of a picnic, Which friends always do together. It was a very happy day for them: )


Love this one ALSO! And the last tag: every kid needs to have a bike! Jenny really knows how to make
everything a "Holiday!"

Ready for Ride!

Ok, I have to get back to work. I have to "dito" what Jenny says in her latest post. That is, that I am also hard at work, with any sun kissed skin fading until the next walk or garden project. I will have photos of my VERY OWN SPACE SOON! It is beautiful in many ways : )


Rosemary said...

All of those are so pretty.
You are a lucky girl!!
Have a great day!

Natasha Burns said...

Lucky you! they are all so fabulous beyond words!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Lovely! The ruffles on the tags are wonderful! Hummmm.... Good idea.... Enjoy!

Kitty said...

Yes, Jenny does beautiful things, doesn't she?? So pretty.