Thursday, July 19, 2007

High Hopes

Board of inspiration

This is my bulletin board I made a number of years ago. At the same time both Caitlin and Doug each made one. We wanted a magnetic board so I called the local heating and air conditioning contractors (I happen to see there trucks EVERYWHERE in our town and others). We struck GOLD! Their shop was in downtown Aurora and the founder had recently handed the business down to his son. The receptionist was kind and helpful. She let the owner know of our odd request and he came out to great us! He then took the three of us to the back where they fabricated sheet metal and had one of his guys make the three magnetic boards for us RIGHT THERE and THEN. They also made sure the edges were folded so we should not cut ourselves ever on the razor sharp edges! They also made Doug's customized with folds lightly made into the rectangle forming a sort of " "x" but on a rectangle. It was way cool! This was way back when Doug was in about 6th and Caitlin in 9th! I put fabric around mine and painted up a lucky find...a large frame for not much $moola! Love it when you are blessed with things falling into place!!! I was able to take an idea that one of them had, brain storm, and physically get them involved also! Taking them to Aurora,and a business that we did not personally know BY OURSELVES, NEVER ASKING THE HUBBY/Dad!!! I felt very proud of myself (I am pretty shy) and proud of the idea that my kids had and that they could help see it thru.

I shot the above photo because of the beautiful Banner I saw over at Dede's that Heather Bluhm Studios made for her! Dede is celebrating her 1st Year Blogging!!!! Oh yay for Dede!!! And Hooray for all of us how now can call her our Friend!!! : )

Can you read the caption under the pix of this kitty??hehehee

High Hopes

LOOK AT THIS CUTIE!!! I cut this out of a coupon circular even before the magnetic boards were made! Way Before!!! We had no pets for our children, not including the free gold fish we would get...and then they would die. I loved this picture and had it on my fridge for a year or so. Times changed and "kitty" was put aside in a drawer because I was not going to throw her out. That is the begining! Years later..1989 I announced to the kids that we were indeed getting a pet. Caitlin always wanted a kitten and Doug wished for a dog! After great deliberating by me, AND Doug coming over to the kitty side of life (thanks to Dan, his best buddy, who had the sweetest two cats, Button's and Spike). First, we went to get a carrier. A.D.O.P.T. would not let you take home a cat without one. Then a few days later I got my nerve up, and it was adoption Saturday. The three of us announced to the Hubby/Dad that we were off to get a cat! (See the Hubby thought he was allergic). He realized were going, with or without him, so he joined us. LUCKY for us because A.D.O.P.T. wants the entire family present! NO KIDDING! They ran a tight ship at that location! Whew. We were all there! The first cat/kitten we saw was mewing up a storm. So we went to a room to get to know her. She was 8-10 weeks old and not the kitty we all wanted before we left home. But we could not resist. Plus the name the foster parents called her was "hat trick" which is some hockey term for goals. My Hubby has played hockey since he was little and this made him feel like it was an O.K. cat. SCORE another one for us! So we brought the sweetie home. She mewed outside our door all night wanting in with us. So sad, She mews very hoarsely, she had been rescued after bitter 20 degree temps! The Weird thing is that when I stumbled upon the "High Hopes" add I realized that our sweetie looked just like the kitty in the photo! Our High Hopes came to fruition!
We need a lot of hope in our lives and I came accross a fav verse from Isaiah 40:31 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength..." There are a few more lines but I am trying to keep these in my heart right now. : ) Hope and trust, so important.


Sweet Remembrance said...

I love your magnetic so chic!

Sugar Bear said...

I love that board! I made a magnetic board several years ago that currently resides in my office at work - I never thought to call the local air conditioning shop!

Shannon said...

Such a sweet kitty story.... Congratulations on your new family member! ;) I am so refreshed by you posting from Isaiah, that very scripture I hold tight right now, as well. ;)
I love, love, love your board! SO cool! Okay, for a girl who's dad works with sheet metal, why had I never thought of that???? LOL!
Great idea, and it looks so beautiful!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm hoping and renewing!
Doesn't everyone head to the a/c place when they need a bulliten board LOL?! You are so funny and so shy...riiiiight.

Renee said...

What a great story, do you remeber the song High hopes, it was one of my favorites as a child and your post made me think of it. love the bulletin board, it turned out fabulous. said...

You will love having such a bright and welcoming space set aside just for you to use! It might not be done yet, but I can already picture how lovely you will make it, and all the lovley things you will make in it!!!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Love the board and the studio will ROCK! :)