Monday, May 14, 2007

Bel Accomplissement!

****Lovely Completion!****
We really where able to use the dining room yesterday! It has been sooo long! This room is one of my favorites. Actually, I love each and every one of the rooms in our home. The dining room has always given us a beautiful, calm space. Perhaps because for one long weekend in November, there within it's space slumbered lovely sleepy heads. Caitlin and Douglas and their cousins in various groups that Thanksgiving weekend! It seemed that every available space was occupied. It was Wonderful! Our new home was now christened with love and joy!
The light in the room is amazing. And I specifically choose curtains, in most every room, that will billow in the gentle breezes that float through! The room is perfect in the early morning hours. It is south facing. And I like to have dinners in time for candelight, not too late and not too early...During the fall and winter holidays it is a perfect time!


The Lynx Lake paint color from Ralph Lauren is perfect! We ALL had to get accustomed to the "brightness" of it. Oh no, it is not a bright color, we were just used to a very muted off white called Nigerian Peony, also by Ralph Lauren. Some called it too much like the beach..which is 45 min. to an hour away. Others thought it was too much color!!! We have a soft green/gray colored powder room (which will be changeing soon) and a nice yellow livingroom. The other rooms on the main floor are shades of white.
This dining room table was given to us by my Father-In Law! It was the dining room table in my husbands home. We would all fit around it for dinners, all nine of us!! And later we would slip in the first couple of grandchildren! I do not know for sure if my Mother-In Law choose this table for her family, but I like to think that she did. So I happen to love this table!
Aha...Can you see the difference in the back wall from the last two photos? The last one is very soft and faded looking! Light! just the lovely light!
Now for the fun project!!! I know I teased you forever about this chandelier! De'sole'...Sorry. Before we begin..... after diong my "mini" photo shoot I found a scratch where it was nicked during candle bulb prep. and the canopy ring was not painted!!! All has been corrected now!!! But not in the photos...I lost my light and I knew if I went back I would not get it done on time!!! I stilll had Mothers Day and Tags and... Trust me. I have also chosen to keep the matte finish.
I do love the way It finally came out. I know I had MANY ideas of what it should be transformed into! The shell chandelier...which I think is still a beautiful idea. Well I chose to think like a floor display person at Anthropologie!
I used fabric, paper and postcards along with the paint! I do like it...but I may add more "things" hehe :)
So, did you noticed the "somehting is not quite like the others"? I used these great covers I bought a long time ago for another chandelier ( Italian metal floral). It only needs four candle bulbs. I needed five. So I used an old plain white one. I am not sure if I will use new plain white ones or get more white drippy candle ones. We shall see.
P5120040 Love these curtains and hardware! I used floral tie back pieces and bamboo from the garden center cut down to the proper size :)
Bel Accomplissement These lilacs where divine! Their fragrance permeated the entire home!
I also had to finish up the tags for Tammy's Tag Swap! This was a challenge for me as I have not done collage art.P5120005_1 So I chose somethiong I was familiar with. Embroidery! And I was inspierd by Ded's Class with Amy Tangerine!!! I understand she is going to do another class at Sweet Peas and Snap Shots for all of you lucky girls in southern California! And I do believe it is on MAY 19th!!! Maybe she will come to Chicago? Meanwhile I will have to be happy with my tags :)
I love my little sheep and chandelier. I may make more of them.
I hope your weekend was filled with love! See you tomorrow!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Ahhh! Secrets revealed! Love, love, love it all Mary! So soothing and sweet. Each little detail. Your tags are the cutest ever! Is that a blanket stitch around the letters?

Carol said...

Oh Mary it's a dream room, so beautiful *sigh*! And I LOVE your tags!

jenny holiday said...

Ok...I must must must purchase a fainting couch!!

Truly just the most lovely lovely color and room!! Ohh I can smell the lilacs!! Gorgeous!! I LOVE it to bits!!! So so so beautiful!!

What a lovely summer it will be!!!

Happy new room to you!! :)

xoxo Jenny

Naturegirl said...

Crisp clean simple delightful these are the words that come to mind as I view your dining room that obviously was put together with careful planning and thought! Great job! LoVe it all!Oh you are so creative!
hugs NG

Rosemary said...

The color is beautiful. Everything looks wonderful!
I think your tags look so cute.
You did a great job on everything.
I hope you have time to check my blog. I have the Rose Bowl Flea Market from yesterday.
Have a great day!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

OH it is so beautiful! I absolutly love the colors and everything about it! Your hard work has definatly paid off!!


Rosemary said...

Hi again,
I didn't know how else to get you a message.
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.
I posted the other pictures above the Rose Bowl post. I am so new to blogging that I didn't know how to add more pictures to just one post. I think I know what to do next time. Cindy helped me out.

FourSistersInACottage said...

THAT ROOM IS A DREAM!!! I can't believe that it is yours...I keep thinking I am looking at a magazine....WOW!!! TOTALLY AMAZING!!! I am adding you to my favorite blogs to read right now.....
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Anonymous said...

What a dream room! The color is serene with the white. That chandelier is just the right touch. You have such a nice eye for detail. It shows in what you do including those gorgeous tags.

Meg said...

Mary, sooo pretty...I am in love with the colors and the beautiful white. Your chandelier is just perfect, I love all the detail! Thank you, thank you, for all the beautiful photos. It's gorgeous!

Lori said...

Mary, This is so funny! Boy do we like alot of the same! I have that same Fenton piece and a few more to match. I love that shelf type whatchamacallit! Boy I really am excited at this room. Can we have a peek at how you might set the table one day? Sorry I'm so nosy! Love Ya! said...

You make me feel like repainting again, what a wonderful color that is!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

How wonderful is that color?? The room looks just so beautiful, and restful. I love it!!

And your chandelier~it's so F*U*N!!

Great job, and thanks for sharing.
I love that the table was your MIL's...perfect. I wish you many many lovely dinners and other fun things in your room with those you love!

Kristin Leigh said...

absolutely breathtaking... your photos are beautiful :).

Sugar Bear said...

Oh Mary! This came out just gorgeous! I love the color - it is the same color as my kitchen! Everything looks so open and light and airy. Your tags are beautiful. Special pieces.

tricia stirling said...

gorgeous color, and i love the tags!! so pretty. will you make some extras and sell them on etsy? love the chandelier too..

ArtsyMama said...

Wow.....absolutely gorgeous! STUNNING!!!!
Love those tags too. Very pretty:)

Gypsy Purple said...

Ooh...this really came out so lovely!!!
I can hear you are happy

The Feathered nest said...

This room is just breathtakingly stunning! I love the white furniture with the color on the walls. Your chandelier is oh so pretty! You are amazing. It looks like a photo shoot from a magazine! I luv it!


The Tattered Nest said...

a lovely room...simple and fresh. take care, Gail

Natasha Burns said...

Oh you have such a beautiful home. The blue on the walls is such a beautiful shade of blue... and the chandelier, well, what can I say but WOW! Amazing..... it's all so beautiful!!!

Stephanie said...

What a fantastic room! Love the color, love the chandelier, too! So glad to have found your blog ~ am adding you to my favs right now. Can't wait to read more about your lovely home & projects. Did you really make the adorable teensy chandelier & sheep? I'm very into lighting & love the little chandelier!!!


Jill said...

This room takes my breath away! It is simply lovely!!

Renee said...

Oh my gosh I just love your dining room it is absolutely beautiful, I just found your blog today and was reading through and I am just awestruck love the chandelier, it is fabulous, way to go I just love it, I want that in my house!