Monday, April 23, 2007

Flea Market Season!!! Oh Merci, Merci!!!

Ya ay ya! Caitlin and I are so happy that it has finally arrived! We love the thrift stores, but we really enjoy the event of a flea market. There are the favorite vendors to see and the new ones to meet, and the aromas of grilled foods. This year a nearby meat market had a large grill and tent, The Wurst Kitchen. Wurst is German for in bratwurst. My choice is Italian sausage but they did not bring that. So we opted for a hot dog. They should think about grilling veggies.
The weather was GORGEOUSE!!! Somewhere in the 80's with of coarse a breeze. You may call it GUSTS of wind. It blows your hair everywhere and causes havoc for the vendors. We did see a few broken plates. I wonder if the markets in California have this problem? It sure kept the temperature comfortable!
Caitlin found, in the first booth a beautiful necklace, I think form the 50's and she came back at the end (1 hr 15 min till closing) and swooped it up. The markets here have not been as busy as in the past. I will let you hop over to Caitlin's to see her goodies. I found a great, older iron chaise lounge that I have been wanting since ~2003 but I have to confess that I prefer making large purchases (whether size or $) with the Hubby. It was black...change that to a nice apple green , blue or soft pink or white!
Well we did get these two adorable pins P4220029
A pink deer and a blue one! We both really like deers. I grew up on a street called Dearfield. (with a tree in the back of our yard known to the whole nieghborhood as THE TARZAN TREE. (I do not recommend playing tree tag). Ok the goods...P4220030

The little angels were all together in a bag and I have a great idea for them. I happen to love pink and aqua jewlery, among others, and these pins and earrings where a nice find.P4220018
The blue flower IS A KLEENEX FLOWER!!! I remember girls making these for various things. It came in a bag with this pink corsage P4220022
and these cool felt flowers P4220019 We ended up getting 5 handkechiefs. I also found a pretty pink beaded necklace.
As great as these finds are the best came at the end when we were making our way to the exit...i spyied the most beautiful roses I had ever seen. I had to ask if they were real! They were, and she gave me one! Oh BUT WAIT! I asked about them and a gentleman comes up, he is a forist in the city and Caitlin's boyfriend, James, gives her roses quite often. But this guy only does events. He reaches around the flowers and asks if he can give them TO ME!!! all 13!!! (I counted them when We got home). They were packing up to leave and would not be brining the roses home! OH THE SCENT IS HEAVENLY!!! The last dealer, where Caitlin got her necklace, admired the roses so SHE GOT TO PICK ONE OUT! Caitlin and I were thrilled with the necklace still being there and the roses!!! OH, What a day. P4220005



Sugar Bear said...

Oh my! Such beautiful finds! Finally got to the flea market myself and found some neat items as well. The roses are beautiful! You were definitely in the right place at the right time.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Mary you made all of that up!
(just kidding) What a fine day. I love the pastel colors of the jewelry and the pink corsage is really neat. Are you going to display these things or use them on pillows?

oldflowers4me said...

ok your having to much fun over here, id love to come shopping with you, thanks for your note, i loved it.

vintage flair said...

I just adore all of the jewlery you found. What a great post!

Gypsy Purple said...

What a nice gesture of the gentleman....I is GREAT roses
Love your other finds as well...the pins are stunning...lucky girl!!!

Sadie Olive said...

You have a great eye for treasures and trinkets. Love what you found!

tricia stirling said...

pretty pretty! and how sweet of that lovely man!

Rosemary said...

I love your blog.
Just want you to know, that I just added you to my favorite list, on my new blog.

Lori said...

What a find. Lovely story, lovely day and those roses and vintage hankies!!! I wish where I lived we had such grand flea markets, all we have is rows of beanie babies and T-shirts!!!LOL!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love all of your goodies!


Sandy said...

Wow, what beautiful, beautiful treasures you have!