Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coup D'oeil de Sneek!


Sneek Peek! It will be a week tomorrow!!! We added new moldings on the floor, my husband also finessed the crown molding he added a few years back. It looks very beautiful now. He has a few touch ups and I have to paint two new shelves he made for the shelf unit. The cabinets we picked up a number of years back at Crate and Barrel Outlet. I have been informed that they really should be completely painted : ( This is not what a girl wants to hear when she wants the room DONE! And not to mention she still has to make sure it looks like a diningroom and not a studio! This will be a rather large feat as Caitlin and I both will be using the room. The key is to pick up your things at the end of the day...not the end of the project. OH to dream of my own studio. I really like to be organized. I can breathe, I can FIND MY THINGS at a snap of my fingers! Ohhh swoon. Of coarse if I ever get my own studio I would then be held accountable be organized! By you know who? The Hubby. He is positive I am not organized. But I know that I am. After all, a family cannot go camping for 5 days and never forget anything if I hadn't planned and organized! Of coarse those were the days when sleeping on the ground was comfortable, and showering bright and early to avoid the line, OH and to have the skill of our native American Ancestors and HEAR the approaching Thunderstorm without getting out of bed first, to survive a tent surrounded by water...complete with logs floating in the fire pit. Luckily my husband was there too : ) We escaped out of the back door of our brand new tent!!!thankgoodness for the new tent..dry all night and a backdoor to boot! All separate trips. No, I do not go camping anymore. Oh, did I mention the tornado?
I digress. I will also be working on another chandelier. I may try painting it a coral color first. P4180195 My original plan was to put sea shells all over it and then drapping around... I made some really pretty shell candelabras a few years back for some clients...always wanted to have a shell chandelier! So...go modern or go casual. I'm sure they both frighten my Hubby very much. hahahaa. It is best that he doesn't know..a very difficult feat! Yes, he will laugh later. When it looks amazing! Maybe I will do both!! Yes, have my cake and eat it too!!! To the bakery...AH that would be Jenny's place!
It has been a very difficult week for our country and our little design problems mean nothing when a loved one will not be there to be hugged. My heart and prayers are with them.


Shabby in the City said...

Mary, Mary quite are such a tease! One little corner to make us drool...How about a blogger work day to organize,paint...glue little seashells on chandeliers?

Holly Doodle Designs said...

Oh, I can't wait. What is the name and brand of that beautiful aqua/blue color on your walls?

longnecklady said...

I love it!

What color is the blue in the background?



FrenchGardenHouse said...

The chandelier is going to be amazing!! And what a wonderful color you have planned for it. As far as the husband goes, what he doesn't know ahead of time won't hurt him ~ it can be a fun surprise!

I agree, our little decorating and most other problems pale in comparison to the loss of a loved one. I am heart broken about the loss, and my prayers go out, as well.
Thanks for visiting me, hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend! lidy said...

Love the blue!!!