Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Time In...


Aurora. It is a very beautiful day here, 56 degrees! The beautiful tulips are from my husband. He surprised me with them last thursday evening. He does this every so often. Pink tulips are one of my favs, pink and white roses are my others. As I am working on this, the scent of the tulips is delightful.
I would like to send a huge thankyou to all of you for coming to my little part of blogland. Especially artsymama, lilli, vickie, and jennaleejackson. And of corse to my daughter and son. Artsymama was the very first "non-family" person to comment so she will be recieving a special gift of thanks this week in the mail.
I do not quite know how to trully get back to those who have commented, so this is my avenue for now.
To jennaleejackson: I will be posting more pictures of our home in the future. I like the style of Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic. (My first destination when we moved here). My computer is also in this room.
To lilli: My talented, lovely, and patient, daughter, Cailtin has done ALL of the graphics for my blog and etsy shop.
To vickie: I am happy to meet you also. It is a little scarry sometimes, but I definately agree about the challege benifits. Where is your blog?
and to Artsymama: I make the entire takes a little time. Of course the most fun is the "icing" I may also make a "Prom Dress" collection. Which was my first inspriation. I hope to join your "challenges" etc...when I know I actually could have something to offer all of you. All of your work is AMAZING.

I just heard the news about the fire in Orange County. CA. I believe it started by a car fire. It is hot and dry there and the Santa Anna winds are blowing. My prayers go out to all of you there.


ArtsyMama said...

This picture is absolutely stunning! Those tulips are delightful!!! LOVE the birdie in the little girls book. Did you make that? Thanks for putting a "spring" in my step and a smile on my face:)

Merci-Notes said...

The owl ornament was given to me by Caitlin, my daughter. She makes beautiful banners...but this she purchased at Anthropologie. She has the best taste!